anyone moved off aptimal comfort???

my lo has been on aptiaml comfort since about 4 weeks old and is now 16 weeks!

it is specially for colic, wind etc... and has less lactose and also potatoe startch etc in!!! so quite different from normal milk!

i was wondering if its not as filling as normal milk? does anyone know?

also werent sure whether to move him off it to normal aptimal or hungry baby! - he gies about 4hoursly in day then has dream feed but still wakes in night for feed.

im worried about changing as those of you with windy, colicy babies will know it was horrible time and i dread that if i chnage could upset his belly!!!

i know in a way i should just try and if it doesnt work go back but wanted to see if anyone else had tried!



  • hi star

    we are on aptamil comfort and tyler wakes twice in the night for feeding. i'm abit reluctant to change it as am worried it will affect his wind which has been good lately. i dont dreamfeed though but i may start to see if this will stop the 1am feed.

    sarah+tyler(17 weeks)
  • My LO was on aptamil comfort and I tried him on regular aptamil and he became constipated again and seemed to be sick more frequently so stuck with the Aptamil Comfort. When he turned 6 months I put him on Aptamil Follow-on and he's been fine image

    You could try getting the single cartons to try for a day or two to see how your LO takes to it rather than buying a big tub of formula. x
  • Cow and gate do a comfort follow on milk - I know it's not aptamil but I'm sure I have read somewhere that they are part of the same company so I would imagine the formula is similar.

    I don't know what it is like but I have just changed my 8 week old son's formula from sma gold to aptamil comfort so would interested to know what it is like if you do try it as I was wondering what I would haved to get next for him.

    Lisa x
  • thanks everyone! hv's are saying DO NOT CHANGE as taken this long to get him settled - but think may wait until start attempting to wean baby rice etc rather than change too many things at once then if ok with food then go to some follow milk i think!!!!

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