Am i feeding her too much

Amara is almost 4wks and she weighed a tiny bit less then 8lbs. I havent had her weighed since. midwife didnt weigh her saying she was too big for her scales!!! and i didnt feel confident enough to take her out alone.

Anyway, we're going on Monday (fingers crossed as i have been putting it off for awhile now) and am worried hv will say shes too big and i feed her too much.
This is what she has in 24hrs-
She will have around 4oz and one feed she will have 5oz. Sometimes she will have 5 feeds in a day.
I do think she looks a little big for her age but in my family we were all big babies so i didnt expect her to be small.
I know every baby is different but does this sound ok to you?


  • That sounds about right to me as your LO is getting between 20 - 25 oz. What kind of rubbish scales did the MW have! There are babies that weigh far more than 8lbs at birth how does she weigh them! My LO was 8lbs 3 oz at birth.

    Also it is very difficult to feed a baby too much when they are still on milk. They tend to throw it up! I'm sure you'll be fine at the HVs, try not to worry about it! image
  • Thanks alot. I was so worried. i think the midwife couldnt be bothered to her weigh her so said she was too big.

  • thats fine babe she should be having around 4oz 6 times a day intill she is two months old x
    to big my oldest weighed 8lb 14.75oz a birth
    my daughter weighed 9lb 13oz at birth
    and my little boy who is now 3 weeks + 2 days old weighed 10lb 6oz at birth.

    what was she weighing her on kitchen scales x
  • I wouldnt worry, my lo had way more than that at that age he was having more like 6 feeds of 6oz.

    And as for the ridiculous. My 'little' man weighed over 9lbs at birth and when the midwife weighed him he was 9lb 12oz, so clearly thats rubbish lol xx
  • what worried me was when my cousin came to visit 6days later she was like 'she's big, she doesnt look 3 1/2wks' i know i shouldnt let what people say get to me but i cant help it, they make me feel as though i'm doing something wrong and thats why i was worried about what the hv would say.
    Tthanks for replying, i do feel much better.., just glad my lo is happy and heathy.
  • every baby is different. you could spend forever comparing your baby to everyone elses and getting really stressed because they either look to skinny or short or too big!

    like previously mentioned, if they have too much milk they are likely to throw it back up. 4-5oz sounds about right. if she begins to have more and more then perhaps she may need a hungrier baby formula.

    like you said if your family have all had big babies, then it was gentically likely you would too.

    i think hv's like to worry you. zakareya is 20 weeks old and got weighed today at 15lb 6oz. my hv said that if he carries on putting on weight as he is she will be telling me he is too big!!!!!

    as long as little one is happy...that's the main thing
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