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im so scared of jake gettin bullied when he gets older n goes 2 school :cry: i keep panicin lol how stupid do i feel writting this post!! does any 1 else worry bout things like this??


  • i think its probably normal to think that,Daniel will go to nursery next year and iam dreading it but knowing Daniel he will be the one who is doing the bulling :lol: my cus' comes round with her 3 year old son and Daniel loves kids and he wants to play with them all the time and my cus son doesnt want to play so Daniel always trys to get hold of his hand or he trys to push him to were he wants to go so he will play :lol:

  • so glad im not on my own :lol: jakes only 10 months old but we do go to mums n tots on a tuesday and he plays with other children around his age (my friends children) jake can be rough and try n take toys off other children hes a monkey at times!! but i guess bein a mummy u will NEVER stop worryin!!
  • I worry about this too!
    My oldest is starting school in september and most of his friends from pre school are going to a different school to him as we werent in the catch ment area for the one near his pre school.
    He makes friends easily but i still worry about him, i dont want him to feel left out.
    I also had a hard time at school so i dont want the same for my los, very good advice that bubbub said about building their confidence and making them feel secure.
  • thats another thing when i was younger i found it hard to make friends i was very shy until i was 14, just hope jake n baby will be more confident then what i was x i agree with u bub bub x x
  • i really worry about toby to if i ever go to toddler group or a soft play area the other babys push him and take toys of him he just sits there and crys .i had words with a women the other day while at the soft play area .after her boy who was about 4 hit toby on the head while she sat on her back side drinking coffee and chatting to her freind .
  • aww was toby ok? did the boys mum say anyfin to u?? ive never takin jake to a soft play yet lol!!
  • toby was fine after a cuddle thanks. the mum didt care she was more bothered by the fact that my 9 year old had said to her child dont hit my brother.he was about 4 and toby is only 14 months drives me mad
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