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Cradle Cap

Hi, my l is 25 weeks and has got really bad cradle cap, She never used to have it but all of a sudden it has just spread like wild fire, my HV told me not to bother with any lotions or potions that you can buy as they are a waste of money, and she told me to just use Olive Oil. I have been using this and it doesnt seem to have made any difference at all. Does anyone have any miricle cures that they can pass on to me?!?!?!


  • I had the same problem and found olive oil not much use i washed lo's hair every couple of days and gave it a good brush with his hairbrush afterwards. it improved from this but it turned out that my lo had excema in his hair so i ended up having to use cream in his hair. If your lo finds it itchy then let the doc know
    Good Luck
  • My lo is 6 months and has had cradle cap from birth, it has improved but i cannot get the last bit to go, i used olive oil to no effect, dentinox shampoo has helped and so did boots cream but the gp gave me some peanut oil stuff that i have been afraid to use in case she has a reaction but think i am going to have to bite the bullet and try it as the last bit will not go.
    If you find anything good please let me know.
  • Were the same as sillymoo, Kade's had it for ages and we used dentinox which helped most of it but he still has it quite persistent on the crown of his head.
    We have tried olive oil with not much use but a friend told us to try massaging baby oil into it every day but I don't fancy his hair being constantly oil slicked.
    Sorry havent really got a useful suggestions but dentinox is half decent i guess?

  • I have used Detinnox as well. I think that this works well. The nights that I have out it on I found that when she woke in the middle of the night the dry skin was all over her head but I suppose this was it clearing. It clears then really quick.
  • Ellie had the start of cradle cap and i just found that washing her hair every day and rubbing a bit firmer worked. I also used the sponge in the bath to rub over the top of her head and i havnt had any since. Touch wood! x
  • my lo has cradle cap but i find that if you wash it every 1-2days and use a sponge or flannel whilst rubbing the shampoo in, then wen they get out of the bath you can easily pick most of it off. dont be afraid to pick at it as it doesnt hurt them if its soft! hope it gets better
  • Dentinox worked for my 2 who had cradle cap, olive oil just didn't appeal as all 3 have had lots of hair!
  • Hi girls, thank you so much for all of your advice, I have gone out today and brought some dentinox shampoo as that seems to be the one that most of you recommend. Fingers crossed it will work
  • Hi there,

    My miracle cure was Canesten cream. My lo had the kind of cradle cap that goes down the body. It was stubborn especially on his forehead. The dr prescibed the canesten for the dryness, but I used it twice on his cradle cap and it was gone in less than 2 days. You must be carefull and not use it too much as it has Hydrocotesene, bbut if the doctor prescribed it for his delicate 6 week old sking then, I see no harm. I swear it's a miracle! I tried the olive oil before, but this was the best and now, he has nothing on him since.
  • my lo has had cradle cap since birth but ive never done anything with it, does it need to be treated?! I know that you can treat it but I though it was more a cosmetic thing really coz it looks yucky? Ive just left it as it doesnt seem to bother my lo and I presumed she'd grow out of it. Should I be treating it?? I feel like a neglectful mother now! image
  • Hi there. Best way to get rid of cradle cap is to wash baby's scalp right before bedtime with an organic coconut oil or a special shampoo/oil from the pharmacy. Use a baby cradle cap brush to remove the flakes and clear the skin. If you do this daily you'll be getting rid of your baby's cradle cap in no time. Hope this helps.

    Here's an article on how to get rid of cradle cap

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