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hi everyone aint been on in a while not had the time image my son is one years old in two weeks and just will not sleep in fact i found it easier when he was a newborn he is up between 9 and 9.30 in the morning come 8pm i have to take him bed and lie in my bed with him as he wont sleep in cot i get him sleep in my bed which takes a good hour once his sleep i transfer him to cot come 11 his up and full of beans and will scream his head off till around 1 he then goes sleep upset and even then he still wakes up at least twice in the night for a bottle he dont have dummy as his never liked them so weather the bottle is a security thing im not sure during the day he spends a lot of time crying as he always wants to be picked up everything i said i would do when my child comes along iv gone aginst just for a quiet life me and my partner spend most the day walking around like zombies we dont have much quality of life dont get me wrong my lil boy is my life and love him so much but dont know what to do its upsetting me so much me and my partner dont have much of a relationship and have split up a few times now can anyone advise me on what to do? im at my wits end. xxx:cry:


  • Aww hun i dont really know what to say that will help, This may seem harsh but if my lo's are up not wanting to sleep and theres nothing wrong then i tend to give them a cuddle and read a book to reassure them then let them get on with it. Very harsh, but they were only crying as they were so tired and would not give in. they both sleep really well now, going to bed at half 7, playing in their room/cot for half hour then sleeping until 8am. I know its hard to leave lo cry, and it broke my heart doing it, but it was worth it as they are good as gold at bed time now.
    It's important for you and your oh to spend time together as well so it might be worth having a go.

    Sorry im not much help xxx
  • This is a bit random Crystal but could it be reflux?? I know he's a bit older for that to be the problem but yu never know??... it does sound like it may be soething like that (not wanting to lie down to sleep, waking up again then screaming) it may be worth speaking to your doc about it and seeing what they say (also, a sign of reflux is wanting to snack all the time on a bottle)
    Sorry if this is something you've already thought about but just wanted to try and help cos you sound at the end of your tether hun xxx
  • Well, this is happening due to acid reflux. In,case he is crying heavily for hours, probably it might be a condition of colic. In this scenario I would suggest you to consult the same with a doctor and try to give him a gripe water which will help him in sleeping for some hours properly.


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  • I dont know if you have tried this, but why not try...

    Popping the top you have worn during the day in his cot. Setting a certain time at night each night to bath him using Johnsons bedtime bath. Give him a gentle massage after the bath using Johnsons bedtime lotion. Give him his bottle while reading him a nightime story. Then taking him up to his room and laying him in his cot with your top still there and just staying with him rubbing his hair and gently shushing him. If he cries/screams just persevere gently talking to him. The thing is he has got into the habit of going into bed with you to go to sleep and you need to try and break this habit as hard as it is to do it will be better for both of you.
    You need to stick with putting him in his own cot though as if you lift him back out and give in to putting him in your bed he will get to know that if he cries mummy will give in.
    As long as he is fed, clean and dry and not in pain he will be fine. Older Babies sometimes cry through temper and wanting you to give in.
    I know that all babies are different, but if you do this every night and do the same thing consistantly maybe he will get into the routine.
    I got into the habit with my oldest daughter of going to bed with her at night and laying with her til she went to sleep and it was a hell of a job to break the habit. Now she is 16 though and doesn't need me to do that anymore lol!
    I did it all different with my second daughter and different again now with my son.

    I hope you don't feel I have been patronising towards you I just wanted to offer some advice that you could try.

    Maz x
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