Are those special nappy bins (like Angelcare) worth it?

Hi ladies
I am hoping for some advice. We are trying to decide whether to buy a normal bin for our babies nursery or one of those nappy bins from Angelcare or Tommee Tipee... has anyone used them and is it worth it? the refill cassettes seem pricy so over time it all adds up!




  • hey hun, the only reason i have one of these bins is that my step dad got it really really cheap for me otherwise i probably wouldn't have bothered.

    however this bin has been a lifesaver for me as just after new year and around the time LO was born it was so snowy that binmen couldn't get up my street. i would've been lost without it then! lol

    the cassettes are pricey but i've found each one lasts me between 4/6 weeks depending how many nappies we get through each day (at least 4/5 a day in the house alone) so its been worth it for me.

    also it saves having to buy nappy bags alot and saves us having to empty other bins in the house constantly due to being full of nappies iyswim?

    so personally i love mine and wouuld recommend them but its each to their own xx
  • We don't have one (as we mostly use reusables).... however, when we do use disposables even if we put pooey ones in scented nappy bags I do find they make our bin (and the room) smell.

    So will be watching this thread with interest, as if the special bins really do cut out the smell I think I might invest. (I suppose a cheaper solution is to take pooey ones straight out to the outside bin, but I'm too lazy to do that.)
  • I don't think so, we only used ours for a week - waste of money in my view! xx
  • I'm thinking of getting one...I've looked on Amazon and they are selling for ??7.50 which isn't a bank nreaker in my opinion. I'm mainly thinking of getting one as we live in a small 2 bed apartment on the third floor so keeping the smell of dirty nappies to a minimum is important to me and also trips to the outside bin are not ideal. I've had a look at the amazon reviews and it seems quite good. A money/cartridge saving tip is not to bother using the nappy bin for the regular wet nappies-just for the stinkers! I've also seen some on ebay but most of them are pick up only so would need to be nearby really. Waiting for a response from one seller which may be local if not then i'll go for the Amazon one. xx
  • I never bought one and don't think I would have used it anyway. I buy the scented nappy sacks from Mothercare or Morrisons (both exactly the same). The soiled nappies just go in my kitchen bin and we never, ever get any smell from them when using the sacks. So for me, I think they'd be a waste of money, however cheap and just adds another job to the long list we have to do.
  • We never got one and I never saw the point of them. We put soiled nappies in the scented nappy bags and then they go straight into rubbish bin outdoors. Wet nappies we also put in the bags but go in our kitchen bin usually. x
  • I got one and thought it was very handy - although once the disks ran out i have just been putting the nappies in nappy bags and then in the bin but it does make his room smell so the disks do stop the smell i think.
  • I have one and I looooove it, we change lo in her nursery and there is no dirty nappy smell in the room. The cassettes are expensive but they last about 5 weeks.
  • We've got 2 now - 1 for upstairs in the nursery, and one for downstairs as we often change nappies downstairs (along with a pail for re-usables too!). Seems like overkill but it works for us as DH hates the smell of them, and I don't like the faff of individual bags and then putting them straight outside as from experience with other family, I found they smelt too much for me!
    Keep your eyes open as tesco/boots/sainsburys and others do cassettes cheap. I seem to remember picking up a load in boots for about ??4 per pack! I'm still working my way through those supplies as they are lasting so long.
    If you haven't yet had babe, you might want to wait as I certainly got a voucher for a heavily discounted one in my bounty pack from the hospital.
  • I thought about it but it all seemed quite expensive. Now LO is 23 weeks old I'm glad we never, We don't even put our wet nappies into bags, just roll and stick down with the tabs, then they go in the bin in the nursery. The smelly nappies do go in a bag.
    We have never had any problems with smells.
  • We have one and its brilliant. it comes all over house with us! I found im forever changing kitchen bin bag if we pout nappys in there and they do stink even in nappy bags (even double bagged!) so for us its been brilliant. x
  • i love ours and the cassettes go on forever! i would recommend it as it stops me having to continuously emptying the kitchen bin! We got ours on Amazon when it was on offer and it was money well spent!
  • We have one too and its fantastic, changing nappies in the middle of the night in the early days meant it can go straight in there and not need to worry about it hanging around or going downstairs to put it in the bin because of the smell. I have been advising all my friends to get one. We bought ours when it was on special offer and the cassettes are reasonable in Argos, 3 for ??9.99 thats the cheapest i found them, i would say get one, saves hassle!
  • we use it save running out to the dustbin after every change, we got it for ??7.50 with a voucher from pregnancy and birth magazine it has a voucher most issues, the cassettes are expensive but do last a while, we have no smell in the nursery image
  • never used one with either baby - just use scented nappy bags and never had a problem with smells from the dirty ones. just had a plain bin in our room that the nappies go into and it gets emptied once every so many days - think about once every 3-4 days....

    couldn't justify the expense when everyone we spoke to said they were more hassle than they're worth - and much cheaper to spend ??1 on 300 bags which will last about 2 months...

  • we got one, it was free due to a voucher in the second bounty pack from argos (anglecare) and came with a free cassette, we used it for the 1st couple of months but then it was easier to just pop the nappies in a nappy sack and in the kitchen bin xx i would say it was healpful in those months what with lo gut changing EEK!!! but now its just sitting there and will be used when we have another bub x dont buy one, wait till u get ur bounty pack and get it for free x
  • NOOOOOOO dont buy it! save the ?? and buy something eles for baby

    i had one with ds and NEVER used it, i took it out the box and just never used it, all the nappys went straight in the big bin due to the smelly baby poo

  • Waste of money!!! We got ours free but stopped using it after a week because the smell is awful and tbh, it's not nice having a bin of dirty nappies in a nursery. I would save your money for something else. xx
  • I love ours. We also live in a flat and trips down to outside bin are not practical 5 times a day with a new baby.
    We actually have ours on outside balcony and stopped using the cassettes a wee while ago and just use scented nappy bags and a tip I got from BE - put a sanitary towel in the lid with a few drops of lavendar oil in it.

    Should have said, we have the TT one.

    We empty ours every other day. Wouldn't be without mine, best ??10 I spent. S x

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  • we have the tommee tippee one and i LOVE it! you can't smell anything in the same room as the bin. We got it when it was half price at Tesco and it is heaps better then the Angelcare one. My friend has the Angelcare one and it is crap compared, The refill cassettes are ??3.49 from Tesco (TT one) which isnt so bad. I would definately recommend it!
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