How much milk to offer?

Since realising enough was enough with the bfing I have been mix bottle feeding ds for the last week and a half, he is now 7+3 and takes anything between 4-6oz 120-180mls per feed. Now with the ff I'm happy to throw away what's left, but with his bottles of ebm I resent having to throw any. I've tried offering him less to start with but when he wants more he gets so worked up waiting for the second round it's a nightmare to settle him after.
What does anyone else do? Am I stuck with wasting?

The other thing if any of you ladies have some advice is he carries on trying to eat once he's clearly full or got wind. He'll keep on drinking but strech his whole body out start wriggling his fingers and moaning as he's eating but when I take the bottle off him he doesn't cry he screams like a banchee and throws himself back down. I think he's just a greedy guts, the couple of times I've let him carry on he's ended up being sick from over eating but otherwise I have to wrestle him into being burped


  • Lucas is similar sometimes, and I find giving him a dummy whilst burping him calms him enough to get good wind out and then either feed again or realise he's full.

    As regards the waste, I also resent wasting my EBM but he's so inconsistent with amounts it is sometimes inevitable. Again though, I have found using the dummy settles him enough most of the time to either wait for a new bottle or realise he's had enough. Now you don't have to worry about latching dummy could work for you, although havng said that Lucas now latches better than he ever did when I first tried BF and he's had a dummy since 2 weeks!


  • Thanks hun, we do use dummies and they do occassionally calm him long enough to sort out more, but most of the time he just spits them straight out with disgust when he realises it's not what he's after, when they do work he goes on a mad sucking frenzy making such a horrid noise then works himself into such a state I can't get the dummy back off him to give him the bottle- silly child lol!
  • Oh bless him!!!

    You do wish sometimes you could just tell them how silly they're being and them understand!!!

    Hopefully it's just a phase!!!
  • You don't have to throw BM away you know! Bottom line is what your LO doesn't take at one feed, can be offered at the next feed without causing any problems whatsoever.

    Here's a great link about storage of BM for further information:-

    Please don't throw it away, it's far too precious xx
  • Thank you so much lovely, have been desperately trying to find something that says that but all I could find was the safety unknown, but seems to be ok!
    What do you do, cool it and add to make up a bottle or offer it separately so leftovers then new bottle next feed? x
  • I know, I hate to think how much BM I threw away in the first few weeks before I found this information out. We're now at 6 months and I do this every time. I always offer the leftovers separately first, that way what's in the new bottle can be offered at the next feed - I hope that makes sense.

    As you will have seen from the page, you can keep BM at room temperature for a while, so I tend to leave it at room temp until the next feed. Then again I am only feeding expressed milk and not BF'ing, so it's never more than 4 hours in between feeds. If I know it's going to be a while before being used, then I'd pop it in the fridge and warm it to room temperature in a jug of warm water.

    HTH xx
  • Thank you so so much lovely, that really does help and makes complete sense. I'm only expressing not bfing but he's mix fed as I can't keep up, but this means he can prob nearly have another ebm feed each day yay!!! x
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