Complained about my birth experience!

Lo was born in Feb and I have been annoyed about certain aspects of his birth ever since, to the point where I actually find myself thinking about it most days.

There were a few things:
- Midwife totally misjudged how advanced I was (measured me as 5cms dilated when I had been assessed as 5cms 2 hours earlier) and when my body started pushing without me wanting to, she kept telling me to stop, and also told me to stop groaning! LO needed resuscitation once born cos he wasn't breathing, and I think this might be why
- Allowed me to get an epidural within half an hour of LO being born (which would have happened sooner if she'd allowed me to push!)
- Pressed the boost button after LO was born, which I'm convinced was to make it look like I'd had it for longer
- Left me lying with legs in stirrups in the bed I had just given birth in waiting for my episiotomy to be stitched so she could go get some dinner!

So I decided to conatct our local health trust to discuss it with them, but found that any complaints should be made within 6 months. I am 2 or 3 weeks outside that but they have agreed to look at it anyway.

So the complaint is with the trust, they have already confirmed receipt and they will write to me within a week also to confirm.

I don't really know why I'm posting, I'm just so pleased! I'm really hoping that they will come up with the answers I need to move on from this. I just really feel that LOs life was at risk because of her, she didn't listen to anything I was telling her at all, and I believe she lied to me to cover her own back.

I want to put a image but at the same time I'm sad that it came to this... Hopefully something positive comes from their response!


  • Hi, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience.
    I thought mine was pretty bad too, but more because the hospital was so busy the night I gave birth.

    I hope you get a speedy and positive response from them.
  • hey hun- I have also made a complaint (though I dont think my mw was nearly as bad as yours, she sounds horrendous) - should hopefully hear something soon!! I know the feeling of needing to move on, I really hope something is done for you to get closure and to stop anyone else suffering at the hands of her incompetence!! x
  • I'm glad you've complained, let us know how you get on x x x
  • Definitely will, thanks girls!

    It's weird cos in a lot of ways I actually had far worse a time giving birth to DD, but that was all stuff that was out of anyone's control, if that makes sense. So I know that there are plenty of people who had far worse labours than I did this time, if I'd had a decent midwife I would've had a really excellent birth.

    Michmummy, hope you hear soon, and also hope you get the result you need!

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