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Thanks for your reply regarding the Hipps milk. Have you noticed after she's had her bottle that there are some stodgy lumps and its gone all stodgy inside the teet rim?

Maybe the change in wrapping isn't keeping it as fresh. I have jus looked at their webpage and they say that they have made changes to the formula.

I think i will email them.


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  • Hello!,
    I have noticed it is leaving residue in the bottle! She also doesn't seem to be drinking as much.

    Could you let me know what they say if they respond please.

    Lydia xx
  • I emailed them last night so as soon as i hear anything i'll let you know
  • Hi Lydia

    Here's Hipps reply:

    Thank you for your e.mail.

    We believe that you may now have purchased our recently re-formulated formula.

    The formulation of HiPP milk formulas have had to be changed in line with the new EC Directive and UK Regulations for infant and follow-on formulas which came into force earlier this year. This new legislation introduced new compositional requirements for the milks used at the different stages of feeding, and so nutritional improvements have been made to HiPP Infant Milk, Follow-on Milk and Growing-up Milk. Information concerning these changes have been printed onto the inner flap of the boxes.
    The changes that have had to be made to the milks has resulted in the powders having different densities. So that we can retain a -one scoop powder to one fluid ounce water' ratio in the milk preparation, we have had to change the scoop sizes. It is therefore important that the correct size scoop is used when making up our baby milk formulas.

    The new Follow on Milk is therefore a more dense powder and it could be that a bottle may need a little more shaking compared to the previous formulation - to ensure all the ingredients have dissolved. The formulation does now have more vitamins and minerals added to it, but the basic ingredients are still the same. The taste of the product is a little different, but there is still no dramatic change and most babies have not noticed any difference. The difference is mainly due to the extra nutrients we have had to add to ensure our formula milks meet all the new Regulations.

    We have made up several bottles from different boxes of Infant & Follow on Milk but we were unable to reconstruct the problems you have experienced with residue on the side of the bottles and believe it may be that these bottles may just need further shaking.

    We are sorry for any uncertainty this has caused, but we hope our comments have reassured you concerning the quality of our products.

    Kind regards
  • Thank you for the info!

    Hum? Not quite sure what to make of that. Wish I'd known about it before-looking at the boxes in my pantry I have an old one left-I'll feel awful making a change back after giving her the new stuff!!

    I try shaking a little more!! but will also email them if that doesn't help!! Will keep you posted on what they say-bet they copy and paste the same message!!

    Lydia xx
  • We were using an old scoop and today i used the new one. Also shook it a lot longer but still got the residue round the top. not wuite so lumpy tho. Look forward to hearing what they say to you.

    Jules x
  • hi girls, just seen this.... i had the same with the old formula too, really grainy!!!
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