FAO Mrs Setters and other reusable nappy users!!

Well Leo is just over 1 and Tegan is 2 1/2 so im starting a bit late but im sick and tired of using disposables and them leaking/bursting everywhere.

I looked in to using disposables when I was pregnant with them both but i just couldnt get my head around how they worked so i was hoping you ladies can shed some light on what i actually need, including what i need to wash them/store them in etc and also how they are put on? as ive read about liners and such things but it goes right over my head.

Any help would great

Hannah xx

** Mrs Setters i posted this in the reusable nappy forum and they pointed me in your direction image


  • i have had 2 bad leaks recently, both in a disposale. here are the basics;

    i have 15 bumgenius onesize pocket nappies i got a few others but the bg are my fav.
    i have a nappy bucket and 2 mesh bags to go inside it to store dirty nappies.
    i use disposable and washable liners.
    i use washable wipes - cheeky wipes.

    you put the dirty nappy in the bucket, then do in the machina rince cycle, then wash the nappies at 40.
    they dry quickly on the line, or more slowly on the maiden.

    really easy
  • thats great thank you : )

    do you know of any good sites where they offer good deals/discount? xx
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