South Wales meet up. Cez06, Wannabemummy, ??Sassaboo

Hello. As the other thread is busy I thought I would start another for us.

Sassaboo - I saw your blog on the making friends thread. I have no idea how far Carmarthenshire from Caldicot is where I am but the more the merrier.

I can meet up almost any daytime (except thursdays for the next 3 weeks) but evenings I may have to work something out as oh is on call 4 days aweek. So when, Where and How girls??



  • hiya
    ooohhhh i'm so excited that we might have a meet on our hands!!
    i am quite flexible and can do any day really. for the next few weeks a monday or a friday would be better though. i can travel as of next week (after c-section) so don't mind a journey in the car
  • i would be up for this. let me know where and when so i can work something out
  • Hello

    I have no idea what is really suitable around this area so please make some suggestions. I am assuming datime would be best as our lo's could meet and play as well. As Cez06 is due a baby very soon anytime in the next 2 weeks would be best.

    Kar1234, nice to no someone else is near. Where abouts are you?? No need to post actual town if you prefer not to.

    I'm so looking forward to this. Would be nice if I could gain a small social network in my new home land lol.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump 26+0
    X X X
  • how about somewhere in newport as that seems to be quite central for everyone?
  • Sounds good to me.
  • I'm up for that girls, newport is OK with me. Am busy on Wed mornings, but most other days are pretty good. Next week have a bit more booked in so Monday is out, Wednesday is out and poss the friday out aswell......?!
  • So between Cez06 and myself that only leaves Tuesday of next week or Monday, Tuesday, Friday the week after?? I am I right??

    So we decided on a place. I have never been to Newport (other then the hospital) and I would have to catch a bus or train there so somewhere easy to get to in Newport would be apreciated (very scary thought)

    X X X
  • am i right in thinking we are all pretty much available on friday 30th?
  • I have a midwife appointment at 9.30 in the morning but otherwise yes from me.

    So sorry to here about your Mum. Maybe next time.
    Sorry you can't make it but glad your interested. Like sassaboo, maybe next time.

    X X X
  • So where abouts in Newport?? I'm looking forward to it,

    X X X
  • As the 30th is only a week and one day away are we going to meet up?? Where about in Newport are we going to meet and at what time:\?

    Kerry :\)
    X X X
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