Night time sleep for your LO


I'm not sure what I should do?

My Lo is normally asleep by 7.30pm at the latest. Will go till 12/12.30 where he is fed and consumes between 5-6oz then stirs at 4.30/5am ish.

At both times, he doesn't actually cry out. We hear him stir and whimper and he gets fed at the midnight feed (which hubby does) but I tend to leave him at the late night feed and then he shouts for me at 6am.

I would prefer he slept till 7.30pm (full 12 hours) so not sure whether to feed him and let him go back to sleep or eek it out and get up at 6am (which I guess is still classed as a a good morning wake up). When we have got up at 6am he is still very tired, has a 5oz feed then has to go down for a nap (usually 30 minutes). He wakes from this still tired and has to have another nap about 30-45 mins later)!

So knowing this should I feed him and try and get him back to sleep? There have been times I've fed him and he's not settled at all. He will not take a dummy.

Thanks xxx

Gi and Thomas 11 weeks and 1 day


  • hi

    can only suggest what works for my baby, and that is giving him a slightly bigger bottle on his last feed before bedtime and we get a solid 9/10 hours most nights (he is only 7 weeks) x
  • My LO didn't take a dummy either, then one day nothing would help her to go down for her nap and eventually after holding the dummy to her while she cried she eventually took it and it was like magic. Now I use it to get her back to sleep through early morning and can usually get her to sleep until around 7am. It all depends on whether he will go down for a nap ok as my LO didn't at all until I introduced the dummy. She used to fight sleep all the time.

    I also when doing night feeds would wake up to my LO moving about but not crying out. I would hear her tossing and turning and because I was so tired I just thought I would make her a bottle now to give me more sleep. Eventually I tried to ride it out and not get a bottle unless she cried for it and she got herself back to sleep! Maybe worth a try but have bottles at the ready just in case she wakes for a feed in the early hours, although it can be so difficult when you know that just hearing your LO moving about is going to keep you awake and you are so tired. It did take me a while to be able to do it x
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