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My lo is 10months now and eats quite well. She has been on stage 3 food since 9months old (weaned at 5months) and does eat some finger foods already. Just wondering what else to give her. At the moment she gets bread/ toast, melon, organix carrot sticks, heinz baby biscuits, cheese, ham rolls.

I want to start giving her eggs too but not sure if I can give her yolks and whites or just try her on the whites? Any other suggestions of foods to try.


  • yea your aloud to try them with scrabbled eggs from 7months old. as finger food try apple, rusks. my boy is now 9months old he as spag bol, cottage pie, sunday cooked dinners, my friends baby eats fish pie.
  • Hi hun!

    I can't believe they're 10 months already!

    Leannedavies is right, you can give eggs now but they have to be properly cooked, so no runny yolks etc.

    A fab finger food i've discovered is pasta! Just cooked and put in a bowl. Ruby loves it!
    Also cucumber is another fave, grapes (peeled and cut in half), apple, mango. I also steam some brocolli florets and put them in a bowl and that goes down a treat too.

    Oh... and chicken breast cut into chunks.

    Hope that helps xx
  • thats helped me alot too thanx as i get stuck sometimes on finger foods. my boy eats grapes with the skin on. banana is a good one
  • Haha! Glad I could help you Leanne!
    Banana is a great one! Ruby loves it, but she is at the stage of dropping things off her higchair and squidgy banana makes such a mess on the carpet if I don't get it straight away!
    I'm going to buy one of those splash mat thingys, then she can have banana again!

    Oh just had another thought, sultanas are a great one. I wasn't going to give them to her until she turned 12 months but tried her anyway and she LOVES them! You can buy them in tiny little boxes and are great for when we are out and about! I only give her a few at a time though as she tries to put them all in her mouth! Strange child! xx
  • some finger foods toby likes are rice cakes,bread sticks,pitta bread,apple,orange,kiwi,dried fruit like prune or apricots
  • Gabe (nearly 8 months) likes crusts of bread best!

    He also loves rusks and biscotti. A stick of roast chicken went down very well too. I tried him with cooked carrot and broccoli and he wasn't keen. I might try pasta next!

    My lo was picking up individual peas and eating them earlier. it was very cute to watch. He is 9 months and eats anything you give him... especially if you are eating it yourself!!!

    On the egg note... Daniel had been having scrambled eggs since 6 months and its one of his faves. I cook omelette for him with cheese and tomato (a bit over-cooked) and then slice it and he loves to eat that as finger food.

  • hi lol stephen how you doing babe? we having a nightmare with daisy with everything at the moment her reflux is worse than ever we are due back at hospital on friday but im sitting up in bed most of night again trying to restrain daisy from hurting herself when she was this bad at 3 months she couldnt move around so it is much worse now BUT back to your post the one thing daisy does do well with is finger foods she doesnt even do stage 2 jars that well. But she like scrambled egg as long as it is lumps that she can pick up and feed herself but the best way is to poach them you can cut it into small chunks and it stays together nice when i boil an egg and pick it up it falls apart.
    She likes pears and apples if i peel them and she can eat them whole m although she wont eat them if i give them her chopped up. She loves roast potatoes and yorkshire pudding carrots and cauliflower as long as they have gravy on. oven chips and piesces of pizza fishcake and fishfingers . And like amy said pasta is great daisy prefers proper spagetti as she likes to suck it up . Im really sad our babies are nearly one but so proud every day im amazed at what she can do but she is hard work and cant help but be a little bit envious of the newborns no wonder people dont stop at one lol but i think i prob will 11 months of sleepless nights have scarred me! Love to Ella xx
  • Thanks for all your help guys. Will defo try to do some more finger foods for her. Just worried I suppose that she will choke or won't chew it properly but guess I have to try.

    Westbrom- so sorry that Daisy is gotten worse. It must be so hard especially now that she is older and moves around more often. Ella is great now and the reflux seems to be completely gone. We took her off all meds at around 6months and never looked back. Will try Ella with a few more finger foods and see how we go. She has been teething again and wasn't eating properly so didn't want to push it too much. Hope the hospital get Daisy sorted soon and gets to the bottom of it. Not good that you aren't getting full nights sleep still - its hard work.
    If you want to keep in touch then my e-mail is [email protected] Would be nice to keep in touch with you.
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