Help, Charlie is allergic to...

sleep!!! well at 4am he is, grrr!!!! Charlie and sleep has always been very hit and miss, intially he would wake a few times through the night and take a little while to settle, we then started a bedtime routine which has definatley helped, he goes to sleep between 7.30-8pm as this is when he seems to get tired, he would sleep through till about 3/4, go straight back to sleep and wake about 6ish, this was fine, then we had two weeks of him sleeping through, bliss!!! then all of a sudden it's all gone belly up!! He will still settle at 7.30/8pm but is very restless, having the occassional cry, wriggling alot and i normally have to go and see to him a couple of times before i even go to bed (never had to do this before!), he will then wake at 3/4 for his feed and just will not settle it can take a good hour at times and he still wakes around 6am. Then at 9 he will fall asleep for ages, this morning he dozed off at 9ish and is still asleep now (12pm). How do i get him to have this chunck of sleep at 4am instead of later in the morning??HELP!


  • I would suggest not letting him sleep so long in the mornings - break the habit of him sleeping for so long during the day and persevere with putting him down at 4 and leaving him until between 6 and 7 - he'll soon get the idea. Try and encourage a short morning nap (no longer than 45 minutes) and long lunch nap (about 2 hours ) and a short afternoon nap - good naps during the day improve sleep at night and he's obviously tired or he wouldn't be sleeping all morning, he's probably just got his body clock a bit mixed up xxx
  • How old is he now? Firstly, don't let him sleep that long in the morning. Since he was about 4 months Barney has had a nap at about 9-9.30 but if he is still asleep at 10.30 he gets woken up, he then goes back down for another nap at 1.00 after his lunch. Does Charlie settle himself to sleep? And does he have a dummy? The other thing that we find helps Barney settle is the lullabies on his monitor. We always start them when he goes in his cot so he can listen to them while he falls asleep, if he wakes in the night and can't settle himself we restart them. He seems to understand that the music means it's time to go to sleep.
    Good luck, lack of sleep is the pits, I had a bad night last night as my two seemed to take it in turns to wake me up so I feel like a zombie!!
  • charlie is 19wks on sun. i will try and not let him sleep so long the prob is i've fallen asleep myself once he's down and catch up on a few hours too.xx
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