wont let me put him down!

my LO is 5 wks and when he falls asleep particulary in day he will not let me put him down, a friend said i should just go with it and let him stay on me! but i cant eat or go toilet as soon as out him doen he cries,alot! i obviously do but its distressing, he will fall fast asleep but soon as put him down he is awake!


  • in the mean time,what did you do?
  • Same with me MrsKC and I'm afraid I cuddled her for 6 weeks every time she slept, including the night! For the 1st 2 weeks, hubbie and I and my Mum and Dad took it in 2 hourly shifts so that we could get some sleep and we would sit on the sofa with her on our chests.
    After 2 weeks, I would cuddle her for her daytime naps and then took her into bed with me at night.

    This went on until 6 weeks when the HV suggested I do the controlled crying thing as it was draining me holding her and sleeping with her constantly.

    It did eventually work but we had sleep problems for months I'm afraid. I STILL rock her to sleep in my arms in the daytime now before putting her down and she is 7 MONTHS OLD!!

    In hindsight though, those times were so so special, all that cuddling.

    I am not saying that your little one will be anywhere near as bad in the sleep department, hopefully she will just grow out of it like tallkaties's lo.

    I did have to put her down and let her cry to go the toilet, eat and shower etc though when I was on my own, otherewise hubbie would hold her or my parents would come over to help.
    We had Mum and dad come over every night for 6 weeks so we could eat our dinner while they cuddled her so that we didn't have to listen to her cry!

    It DOES get better I promise. I hope some of the other girls have some better ideas for you though.

    My HV suggested I let her cry herself to sleep in the moses basket at about 4 weeks old but I just wouldn't and couldn't at such a young age.

    We have since used CC to great effect but it is definitely not for everyone but until you have a baby that will not go down without crying you don't realise how few options you have!

    I'm not saying that you should even consider that yet anyway!

  • I used to pop Neve in her sling and go about whatever I needed to do - I could even go for a wee with her in her sling! It was only for a short while - she just seemed to need the extra contact for a few weeks and then she didn't need it and I was able to put her in her cot.
  • Archie went through a phase of this and I also used a sling to be able to get a few bits done. He didn't like the sling at first but I went out for a walk in the fresh air and after 5 mins he was sleeping. After that I started putting him in it so i could do the dishes, make the bed and even have a wee. this was only a phase though so luckily he was also quite happy sleeping in his crib.
    Good luck. It will get easier. S x
  • he does it most of time, sometimes he just happy on his own when awake but he cries alot-colic! and when he sleeps he wakes if not being held
  • my lo does this shes fine at night time but during the day she doesnt like to be put down last couple opf days tho weve been laying her o sofa or moses basket etc and leavening her with dummy in and she has eventually just fallen asleep sometimes we need to go over and comfort her but then just put her straight down again afterwards
  • my lo likes being held alot. as i type shes on my lap!!! want to start dinner but she hates being left. going to wait for hubby to come down after his shower.

    you put her in her bouncy chair and after a few mins shes doing her moany cry which means she wants to be picked up!!!

    she 8 weeks on thursday. seems to be gettong worse not better with age!!!!!
  • Have you tried swaddling?
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