who still feeding at night

faith now 8 months and still fedeing night 12pm 4am 9am in the morning she does take more at night and help her to but weight on. i am so tired so finding it hard to cope with night feeds she so mixed up not sure wont to do. i still not hard from the hospital for her refferal she mange to but 5oz back last week but now full of cold so she not feeding well in the day. wont to think
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  • Fat lad (aka Barney) still has a dream feed at 10.30 and a feed at 4-5 in the morning, then another when he wakes up about 7.30ish, he does occasionally sleep from 10.30 till 6, but not very often! He's only 6 months but he has three meals a day, big bowl of cereal in the morning, veg puree then pudding at lunch, and puree with rice and milk at teatime, he also has 4 full feeds (bfing so no idea how much) during the day. I think some babies do still need night feeds at Faith's age, especially if, like Faith, their weight gain has been slow. I read somewher that they need to double their birth weight before they can manage without a night feed but I don't know if that is right. Could you try giving her a dream feed at about 10.30 before you go to bed? She may well then last untill 4.30 so at least you could get 6 hours sleep without having to wake up?
  • Tegan is one and she has a milk feed just before she goes to bed at 6.45-7ish and then another bottle of milk at 6am but she doesnt actually get up and out of bed untill 9 as she has that bottle, plays and then goes back off to sleep. i dont think its bad to still be having feeds during the night especially at her age, so i wouldnt worry image xx
  • Justin was still having feeds during the niht intill he was almost three, in the end i only gave him water but he still kept waking for it but at least with water i could just leave a cup on his bed side table and he could get it himself with out waking me up x
  • My lil girl still feeds at night and is 8months old. She seemed to have gone up in the milk department. People at the clinic were telling me to to slow down. But then she started demanding more than usual.
  • Grr, me too. Riley still feeds 7pm, 10, 1.45am, 4.30 and then 6 or 7. Have tried just giving a dummy but he screams. He's 22 and a half weeks. Like Faith he actually takes it really well at night, no messing around. He's 3 hourly in the day. xxx
  • yep Connors still feeding in the night too, he wakes at 2, 4 and 8 then gets up at 10!
    Dont know how you ff mums do it - having to prepare the bottle etc so glad i can jut stick him on and watch tv lol
  • Yep, Louise is stil up at night too, she's gone down to 1 feed a few times but then for unknown reasons it goes back to 2. Oh and she alsos wakes up to be comforted too! And sometimes (like last night) appears wide awake so I feed her to get her back to sleep! lol.

    Louise is 5 months and bf.

    I agree with trying dream feeding her, Louise will wake later if I feed her when we go to bed.
  • Lily won't take a dream feed!!! Do you think I am doing something wrong?? Most of the time she MUST be hungry too!!! How do you all do a dream feed?
  • I pick Louise out of her cot and (sorry of tmi) tickle her lips with my nipple and she latches on. I then tickle her feed if needed ti stimulate her sucking reflex. I've tried using a bottle and leaning over the cot too but she only took an oz and fidgetted too much!
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