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Hi all

Well i have one more year to finish my degree in business as failed two modules due to being heavily pregnant and problems with my pregnancy.

So im looking for advice and i know there are a few teachers on here.

I think i will do a teaching assistent course at our local college for a few weeks in Feb, and by September lookng to go to Bath university and finish off course.

I want to be a primary school teacher, i will be volunteering at my sons school to get exeperience to past teaching assistent course, and i have 2 kids, Caitlin 5 months and Robbie 5 years old.

Is this the best way of achieving this, i plan to do pgce after i get degree, any thoughts x




  • hi

    thanks for reply, early years i think, the school my school is at is happy for me to train there once i complete the last year of degree

    xx tracey
  • hi

    thanks for reply, early years i think, the school my school is at is happy for me to train there once i complete the last year of degree

    xx tracey
  • My best advice is don't do it! lol! Sorry, I know that sounds really negative, it's just that I'm a primary teacher and I am wondering how on earth I will cope when I finish maternity leave. It'll be lovely to have the holidays to spend with lo, but the work load during term time is very tough, especially when you first start. So if it is something that you really want, do make sure that you have lots of support from family etc. And that you're really strict with yourself about how much you work, if t is not done by a certain time, leave it, it will usually wait.

    I did a PGCE and emjoyed it, I think that some of the school-based training ways can be a bit full on. Get as much experience in schools as you can, in different year groups and key stages if possible. When you apply for PGCE they won't even look at you unless you've spent some time in schools. And when you get closer to being interviewed for PGCE etc keep an eye on the education news, they miht ask for your opinion on things like SATs!

    Thats all I can think of at the moment, shout if you have any other questions. It sounds like you have thought about it quite a bit, so good luck achieving your goals!
  • I completely agree with Poz. It's a complete nightmare! I teach in early years and KS1 and have reduced my hours to pt and even that is a pain...I could just about manage with 1 child but two has been a real challenge? Aaargh!
    Don't get me wrong the class hours and holidays are good but there is so much more work than being in the classroom. The only thing I enjoy now is the teaching of the children!
    If you do the PGCE it's very hard going so as Poz says family support is a MUST!!
    Anyway, if that's your dream go for it...lots of luck...x
  • i'm glad i'm not the only one thinking 'don't do it'! lol, work life balence is so difficult, I really don't want to go back. I'm hoping to just go back for 1 day a week.

    I would work as a teaching assistant for a while before deciding if you really want to do teaching. Craming the training into 1 year is very hard work and would prob be best if you wait for your children to be older.
  • hey just gatecrashing from the due in may forum. id say go for the pgce. i did a 3 year teaching degree and im near the end of my first year is hard work, long days and very tiring but i love my job. some days im counting down till the weekend, but then when you are sat teaching and 30 kids are sat captivated by all seems worth while. i dont know if ill feel the same as the pregnancy progresses and i get more tired..but time will tell. good luck
  • bailey b, aww bless good luck with ur pregnancy and thanks x
  • Wow Poz I couldn't agree more! Have loved my job and the primary school I work in but how the heck I'm going to manage with lo and the work load keeps me awake at night!!
    Being a teacher can be one of the most fun, rewarding and fullfilling jobs but the workload and the hours expected is too much for any normal human being in my opinion. I used to be at work for 7:30 am leave at 6pm and then work till 10pm and all day Sunday. How could I do that again with lo? Wish you all the luck in the world and I do think the secondary system is different but the best thing to do is go into a school and get a bit of experience and you'll see if it's your thing. Sorry if I sound negtive-I LOVE my job but love my lo soooooo much more x
  • I am a primary teacher in a SEN school back at work since Sept BUT i totally agree I COULDN'T have done it full time with lo!!! I went back 2 days a week doing PPA cover which is totally managable but the money side is not! I have NO IDEA how anyone does it full time and has a lo like Mum to 1 said I was leaving the house at 7.15 and not stopping work (although sometimes back at home) till after 8 each evening and working all of a sunday before lo now I just DON'T! It is TOUGH!
  • Tracy forgot to mention that ther are a couple of other options besides PGCE - a GTP (Graduate Teacher Programme) where you get paid a salary to work in a school and get qualified at the same time - perhaps your son's school could sponsor you? There are also SCITT courses which you gain a PGCE but you are mainly school based. You still receive the bursary. Anyway, see what's on offer in your local area...
    Shell x
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