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hi, i was just wondering if u could help me out a little. i had an em c section in march 09 and am due baby no2 in december, i haven't decided yet whther to go for a vbac or planned c section (have vbac apointment this wednesday and another consultant appointment 2 weeks after)..but my current 'plan' is that if i go into labour naturally before edd to just go with it, but if by, i don't know, edd or a few days after still no sign then to have a planned c section (this is just my current thoughts, i know they're likely to change a thousand times yet lol). anyhoo, i remember ages ago that u put up ur planned c section birth plan and i've had a quick scout but can't find it, and was jsut wondering if i could have a gander so i know exactly what options i have with a planned c section, i've heard that i can choose music and possibly ahve the screen lowered, but was wondering about whetehr OH will be allowed to cut cord? (he didn't get to last time as em c sec) and if we'll be allowed to take pics immediately or have to wait for recovery room liek last time, and also if i'll get to hold her sooner , as i didn't get to hold ds until he was about 1.5hours old (nothing they said i couldn't hold him until i was stitched and cleaned and baby checked over) when we then ahd some skin to skin.

thanks muchly

hope ur all well



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