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Milk Spots

has anyone got any tips for getting rid of milk spots? my lo is 11 days old and his face is COVERED in them, midwife said they are fine as long as they aren't anywhere else on his body but they look awful! he looks like he's got acne! obv i know they are nothing to worry about cuz the midwife has seen them and said they are fine but it just makes me sad to see his gorgeous face looking all red and spotty image any ideas? x


  • Hi, there isn't anything you can do about them I'm afraid, they'll go in their own time. Just keep his skin clean and dry that's all you can do an wait for them to go.

    Is his skin more waxy or dry? Kyra had funny old skin when she was tiny too. First she had milk spots on her nose from birth, then her skin and scalp went really greasy and waxy, then she broke out in spots ALL over her face and scalp, then her skin suddenly went dry and the spots turned scabby and her scalp scaly (cradle cap). Newborn's skin is so senitive and it takes time to adjust to being in our environment from being in your sterile womb. If the skin turns dry it will need regular moisture. The hv gave us a huge tub of 50:50 when Kyra's skin went dry and it really helped.
  • it's quite dry and peeling atm but it seems different every day...obv just adjusting like u say, thanks for the reply x

  • I was advised to use diprobase once the spots went dry or any other emmolient (sp??) but test it somewhere first my my lo reacted to it (very rare apparently to react to it)
  • Hey hun,

    My little girl Amber has them too she is 17 days old - took her to the docs and they said there is nothing you can do apart from keep the skin clean. They flare up apparently when lo is too warm.

    They do go though I have quite a few friends whose little ones had milk spots too, I know what you mean though not fair as newborn skin is so soft and these little rascals come and break out on their gorgeous little faces - how rude!!

    xx Amy n Amber xx
  • My little one was born with milk spots on his nose (i thought they looked cute!), then got spots, like acne, at around 2-3 weeks. It looked horrible, but thankfully it cleared up in about a week. I just washed his face twice a day with cooled boiled water.
  • his spots seem a lot better today, they are just on his cheeks and aren't as angry looking so fingers crossed they might be on their way out!! thanks for ur replies image x

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