what age would you stop using sleeping bags?

hi, my lo Finlay will be 1 in a few weeks time and up till now he's slept in a sleeping bag! he sleeps on his belly which is why i chose to use them as it was much safer!

when do you move them from sleeping bag to a light cot duvet? and when do you use a pillow?

i seem to remember being told not to use pillow until they are old enough to ask for one! anyone else heard this?



  • I would stop using one when I needed to. Charlotte is 10 months and still kicks around like crazy. So I'm sure it will be another few months yet. When she's around 18 months I would like her to sleep under a duvet - maybe a little earlier. My sister used a pillow with her youngest recently (she's 17 months) but she never slept on it as wriggled around too much!
  • Millie had a sleeping bag untill she was about 18 months. We would have carried on using them but she learnt to undo them and started waking up because her legs were all tangled up in it! We gave her a duvet and a really little pillow then as we thought it would help her get used to them for when she went in a bed. I've a feeling you might be right about the pillow, I seem to remember reading somewhere that it is better for your spine to sleep flat on your back without a pillow.
  • thanks, does she not wriggle about and it comes off her???
  • sorry just read the other posts, i think i'm going to get him the next sleeping bag 12-18 months then can give it agoi in the summer without one when a bit older!

  • oh wicked - didnt realise they went bigger than 18 months... xx
  • I've been given two 2.5 tog ones that are from 6 to 24 months! So she'll be using them till she's 2 years old at least. The reason for using them espcially when our little ones are so small is that they can't be pulled over thier face taking away the risk of suffication.

    I think i've heard that too about the pillow.
  • Just to let you ladies know that grobag actually do a sleeping duvet which is similar to the sleeping bag for when your lo's get to big for them. Its like a duvet which is attached the the bottom sheet with a zip so that they can't kick the covers off. xxxxx

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  • George loves his, and when you put it on he most know it's time for bed as he settles really quickly now!

    You can also continue to use them to stop lo from trying to climb out of the cot when they are a little older.

    I will be using one for as long as possible!

  • Isaac is 18 months and he still uses a sleeping bag, I've just bought 2 new ones from e-baby age 18-36 months, I will probably stop using them when he goes into a bed.
  • I'll prob stop using them when Gabe goes into a bed as I think its good for them to have a duvet & pillow in a 'grown up bed'!

    Gabe is a very tall boy (6 months) and has almost outgrown the 6-12 sleeping bags so may be using a quilt sooner rather than later. Dreading it though as he managed to wriggle upside down with the sleeping bag on so god knows where he'd be off to without it!
  • thank you everyone - lovin the idea of the growbag duvet when older! i think just going to keep using them, like someone else said he associates bag with sleep(well when he wants to be good and go sleep)
  • Ben is 15mths and still uses a sleeping bag,but he also has a duvet and small pillow...he has stopped kicking and wriggling about so much now in the night but i like the idea of him being all cosy and like someone said he knows its time for bed when he gets zipped into his sleeping bag!
  • I wondered about this the other day but apparently Grobag make a bedding set with a duvet that zips onto the bottom sheet so that it stays in place and a pillow that attaches to the bottom sheet as well so that it can't move about. When Neve goes into a proper bed at about 2ish I will change from a sleeping bag to one of those.
  • Sorry tamarabell I didn't see your post!
  • I wish they did adult sizes! I could snuggle up in one right now am soooo cold! Just ordered Tommys 6 - 12 month ones, and am dreading him growing out of these - he is such a fidget!
  • look on "bumpto3" website - this is the original Grobag site - many high street stores dont seem to do them bigger than 18 months!

    my boys were both in them until they went in a bed (about 2?) - i took them out of them as they could then get out of bed and trip up, so i decided it was safer!!

    think that could be when they got the pillow too.....
  • hi i use one for my ios + have seen them up to age 6/7 two cant think were !
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