Last thing that made you laugh

Ok light heartedness as someone said last night......

1 Alfie with a piece of broccoli hanging out of his mouth, carrot stick in his hand beetroot heading with sound affects!!

2 Has to be Todd Carty in Dancing on Ice especially last Sunday!

So what about you guys?:lol:


  • OH just put the box that Kelsies wooden blocks come in and got it stuck on his head :lol: It's round and he got it down quite far, then it wouldnt budge! He had to pull it really hard to get it off :lol:


  • DS doing his best Kung Fu Panda impression then falling flat on his bum and looking really naffed on that I was laughing at him!!
  • Garfield you just made me laught out loud! Oh is now doing a Majorie Daws impression saying 'cake' in that low voice and it's making me and bubs laugh!!
    Zoe31 loving the Kung Fu impresion! x
  • would have to be maya, me and my niece were talking and she was eating her dinner when she stood up on her chair put her hands on the table and turned round to us and said that just dosnt make any sence, (she is 3 years old)
  • oh yeah Todd carty was soooo funny - i almost wet myself!! xx
  • Things lo's come out with! x
  • Reading ur post bubbub hehehehehehehe lol
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