Goodnight milk?

Has anyone used goodnight milk?

Ds is 8 months and used to sleep 7-7. Over the last few weeks he has been waking at 6.30am and having 9oz Aptamil then wanting to go back to sleep (sometimes for another 2 hrs +) so I think he is waking early due to hunger. He has a good dinner...lots of carbs etc then 9oz bottle before bed. We only recently dropped the dreamfeed and a week or so later this started which is another reason I think it is hunger.

In the past I tried hungry baby formula but it made his reflux sooo much worse and made it harder for him to settle. We seem to be on top of the relux at the mo (touch wood) so was thinking goodnight milk might be worth a try. I don't have a problem with the early waking as it is 10 mins to feed etc and he goes straight back off I just think it might be more beneficial for him to have a full sleep and then get up for the day ahead.

Any other advice/experiences welcome!

K x
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