At what age and weight did you introduce solids?

:\? My LO is only 11 weeks old, though he is a very big boy. He weighs 19lbs and is 74cm long (so in proportion). He used to sleep through the nights but is now waking every hour for food. He takes 7oz every couple of hours and now the dr has advised introducing baby rice.

I'm not sure how I feel about this as I have heard it can seriously damage their digestive systems. The Dr has explained that my LO is the size of a 9 to 12 month old so milk alone is not substantial enough for him.

I'm struggling with the decision do I give him the rice to satisfy his hunger but at the same time risk damaging his digestive system?

I'm interested to know at what age and weight you introduced solids (baby rice) and what you think I should do?

Thanks xx


  • In introduce a little baby rice at 12 weeks, purely because my LO is a big baby also, and milk just wasnt satisfying him.
    He's now 18 weeks and 19lb 3 at last weigh in, all in proportion and has baby breakfast now as well, and im just starting to introduce pureed fruit and veg at lunch time.
    Its entirely down to you, but maybe he just needs a little bit extra like your doctor said?xx
  • my baby was about 17 weeks when i started him on solids but he did not weigh heavy i think about 12lb or so!xx only u can decide to start solids but if he really isn't satisfied i would probably consider trying it maybe a little at night to see if it helps!xxxx but it really is up to u!xxx
  • When my sister had her kids 12-15 years ago, all babies were started on solids at 16 weeks and it was normal. Now its 6 months, and i waited with both my bigger kids till they were 6 months. When my eldest one was around 5 months he used to drink 11 or 12 oz of milk at bedtime and still have more at 10pm. My other one was Bf and he had 2 boobs and a bottle of formula around 5 months to keep him going.

    I know my friend used to sprinkle some baby rice into her sons bottle to thicken it up which worked for her.

    You have to go with all the advice and your own gut. If you think its the right thing to do then go for it. You could try other things like changing milk etc first??

    Gemm x
  • grrrr BE ate my reply! 3rd time is the charm! lol

    to summarise what i wrote in my previous lengthy LO is 12 weeks on thurs (but only about 11lbs) and i'm considering offering tiny bits of solids as she is starting to refuse milk and skip bottles now (bearing in mind she sleeps a 12 hour night so only has 4 from waking to bedtime anyways). i think this is down to having had a bad chest and being given flavoured medicine off doc, she's discovered there's other flavours than milk and wants them instead i reckon lol

    i know advice usually says to wait til babies are at least 4 months before starting foods but i was asking my mum before and she said myself and all my cousins were on food from 12 weeks and we've all turned out fine!

    like we're always being told every baby is different and even if it turns out your LO isn't ready for food he'll let you know hun so i wouldn't worry too much.

    good luck no matter what you try though xxx
  • My best friend was told BY THE DR also to start solids with her little boy early (12 weeks I think) for exactly the same reasons. I asked my HV about it and she said that, under advice from the dr, this was ok in such cases. He little on is now 9 months and only has one milk bottle a day. She worried majorly but her dr has been lovely and monitored her through this. He is a happy, healthy little boy. HTH xxx
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