Cradle Cap?

Hi girls,
Connors got cradle cap and baby oil doesnt seem to be helping are the shampoos worth it?


  • I haven't tried the shampoos but have you tried olive oil. I use it my LO - she has cradle cap on her eyebrows. Emilia had it on her eyebrows too and I think someone suggested it to me then which is why I use it on Thea - it is thicker than baby oil
  • Thanks il give it a go
  • Dentinox shampoo is fabulous and i couldn't recommend it highly enough - it clears my lo's up in a wash or two, and if i stop using it it comes straight back so it must work! Plus it smells like turkish delight! x
  • Ohh i love turkish delight! Thanks JamDonut
  • Almond Oil is Fab!! been using that the past few weeks on LOs scalp it just comes away! xx
  • i tried dif shampoo's and creams etc with Tegan but none of them worked, it eventually went on its own after a while xx
  • Ahhhh, the dreaded cradle cap. Zackys had cleared up and thought we were finally free from it but no... it has returned with a vengence.

    We tried olive oil before on the advice of the HV, it made it twice as bad so stopped. We got some cradle cap cream from boots which worked a treat. But now he has a thick head of hair so im wondering how to make sure the cream getson his scalp not just his hair LOL.
  • Best thing by far for us has been a nit combs (metal toothed is better)!! When I get lo out of bath, all snuggled in towel, I gently comb his hair and remove all the loose bits. More will come off after when u dry it as well. Have done the same with all of mine image
  • millie had it for a few months nothing seemed to work i use to put the cream on and tried oil but didnt really work . it is nearly gone now i just left it and it seemed to go on its own i just washed her hair every other day with a normal mild shampoo x x
  • i have tried everything event the shampoo's and nothing is moving charlies not even the stuff i got from the doc's x
  • yeh i think most babies go through it at some point but it should clear up on its own just keep shampooing regulary with a mild shampoo i read .x x
  • Aww Grace has got it at the moment and the best thing i've found is combing with a fine toothed comb after she's been in the bath with a bit of baby oil. The rest is coming away pretty easy now when i give her her daily hairbrush.

    Lisa xxx
  • Kara had this recently and it was really bad. I used Detinox shampoo and it has completely cleared. I think I only used it about 3-4 times. When I put it on I combed it through with a fine tooth comb and could see it lifting. I washed her hair twice with it everytime she was in the shower. She is 18 months so her hair is quite long and it worked great. When she was younger I used Olive Oil overnight and that also worked but to be honest I found Detinox better. I am going to keep using it for a while yet to make sure it is cleared up completely.
  • wow so many things to try! Thanks so much girls
  • i been trying shampoo and all sorts and maxs wont go!! iol and a comb next i think! xx
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