Hi ladies

I just wanted to tap into your vast knowledge and see if I can find an explanation to my problem x

I had my DS 17 weeks ago and after 20 hours in labor had an epidural ( that took an hour and several failed attempts to place) and then a c section x

For the last 4-6 weeks I have been getting a weird tingly numb sensation just below my shoulder blade x It isnt painful just odd and it comes and goes, at no particular time x

I was just wondering if any other mummys that have had epidurals have had this and if it it likely to be as a result of the epidural and will go away in its own time or if I should get it checked out at the Dr? x

Kelly x


  • hey mrs i had epidurals with both mine and never had this, of course I am by no means a dr but could it be a wee trapped nerve or something? my epidurals never numbed me up that far?

    with ds1 epidural went in first time spot on and worked no bother with reece took two attempts to get it in then after a few hours feeling cameb ack in one side and it came out a bit so it was taken out and re put in and then eventually it wore off altogether (just when i had reached 10 cm ....nice!!! apparntly if you are over 5ft 7 this can happen?! so the the aeneathatist (sp?LOL) told me
  • thanks for the reply love x

    I was numb up to my boobs i think, yor probably right about the trapped nerve thing, just wondered if anyone had experienced continued numbness after an epidural x its more annoying than anything else x

    think I will mention it to the HV next time I see herx
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