Hi all.
Hope you and ur lo's r ok?
Well i was on here a while back asking 4 advice as i was planning on leaving my partner.
Well i left him, i moved to my mums for a few week while he found somewhere to live. Anyway he smashed my flat up and started sleeping with a 15 year old in MY bed. I went to a solicitor eventually and she gave him 14 days to move out. 2 days before he was due to move out i started seein this other bloke, nothing special but my ex decieded to jump him from behind with an iron bar and when i went to take it of him he went to hit me with it.
Anyway the 15 year old just had an abortion to him, and he still has the nerve to cause me problems and say im the bad 1.
Despite all thr trouble my new partner has stuck with me. it is hard tho i dont no what to do for the best.
My ex lives with his dd in a flat with no carpets ect and everythingin the room is what martin took from me! I dont trust his dad with my lo coz when his kids were younger he used to beat them us so they got put in to care.
My lo is now 7 month old.
Abbey & Leon x


  • bloody ell! thats sound full on! sounds like you have had a bad time of it! hope things are looking up now! 15 years old!!!!!! thats disgusting! perv! sounds like ur best off without him! xxx
  • wow i dont know if i ever read your first thread, but thats just awful and you really do sound better off without him, i hope your new man took photos of bar incident and you really should log everything with police if you can so that if it ever came to a custody battle he's unlikely to get anything, it just wouldn't be safe and if the father has a history of violence too you really should steer well clear, i dont know if your just updating us or looking for advice but i really hope you are ok and taking care of yourself, i hope you dont mind me telling you this but if you ctually wanted to get advice about the violence there is a website for people with abusive partners/family whatever www.safe4all.org sorry if you think thats a bit much but i'd rather tell you and you not need it than not and you do,

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  • That is terrible are you ok?? Sounds like you have been having a very rough time! I can't believe your ex you are right when you say you are better off without him, hopefuly thats him out your life for good now. Your new partner sounds like a toal gem sicking by you, I hope you will be very happy together and he treats you like you are suppost to be!

    I can't believe after all that he is allowed to have a child stay with him. Its terrible xxx
  • Omg, he sounds like a right piece of work! It's great you managed to break away from, good for you that you found the strength and your new guy sounds lovely.
    I can't believe he got a 15 year old pregnant, apart from being so very wrong morally, it's actually against the law and considered statuoary (sp) rape and would land him on the sex offender register and making him in the eyes of the law a paedophile.
  • i dont think i ever read ur 1st post either but im shocked whilst reading this one!!! u are soo better of without him i for one definatly wudnt let him anywhere near my lo.. with his history!! cant believe he has got achild living with him after his past!! definatly think u have made the right decision! hope it all turns out well for you xxx
  • Thank you all for replying. I am so much happier with out him. He didnt really help out with him before anyway. He is a violent person also been to prison for violence. We reported it to the police and he is there tomorrow to answer bail, i'm dreading it.
    My new partner is good to me and must really like me to stay with me after all the problems i am just going to take things slowly and see what happens.
    I love my lo to pieces and would never change him but just wish things was different x x
  • i've only heard stuff like that on jeremy kyle! poor you, the situation sounds bloody awful. sorry to hear about it all, you did so well to up and leave him though and im glad you're happy now! he sounds like a proper w*nker so good on you for getting out of it! xx
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