Isn't it funny how....

... your perspective changes when you have a baby. I've just come back from a trip to visit the in-laws in Ireland. While we were there they threw a big party to welcome the LO with all the Aunts and Uncles etc. Anyway one of Eric's Aunts was there, she's a bit of an alcoholic and can be rather loud and in your face. I've always got on well with her and felt a bit sorry for her as she is always a bit left out and picked on by the rest of the family. Well at one point I came back from the loo and saw the Aunt holding Aoife, she wasn't doing anything but had been drinking steadily all evening, I suddenly paniced and had to get Eric to go and get Aoife back off her! I didn't get her as I felt like snatching her back! It's funny because she's actually really good with kids but when it was mine I just couldn't bare it!image

Has this kind of thing happened to any of you? Have you changed the way you do things or react now you have a LO?


  • aw, steph! that must have been horrid for you!! as you said, when it is your own......
    after did you feel really guilty for thinking she may have hurt her too?!!

    the only way i've changed that i know about, is that i stand my ground now! i wont have anyone telling me crap, when i know it is just that! i get razzed off with certain companies that ring to speak with my oh, when i've told them he works during the day, only in after 7 etc..... PUT IT ON YOUR COMPUTER PLEASE!!!
  • Yes I did feel a bit guilty afterwards - especially when she insisted on giving me ??10 to get something for the baby even though she hasn't go two beans to rub together!
  • aw!! bless her!!!
  • welcome to mummyhood! Its great that you felt that way towards Aofie - shows how much you care. dont feel guilty babe xx xx
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