Anyone else eaten way too much?

I feel like I've been on one of those shows on tv where they do experiments to see the effects of eating loads of crap over a few day/weeks to see what happens :lol: Supersize me is it?

Anyway we bought in stack loads of food and as some of you may know, our guests couldn't make it at the last min due to the norovirus so we were left with TONS of food and it wasn't just the xmas lunch but loads of party food, cakes, snacks & booze too. The result has been me & oh non stop pigging out on calorie packed, fat soaked, weight piling food!
I now swear I have consumed the next years worth of calories in the last 3 days!!!!
Am dreading getting on the scales as my jeans are already telling me the terrible truth.

Can anyone make me feel better by telling me I'm not the only one....pleeeease lol


  • you are definately not alone, i had a sore belly all night christmas night cause of all the food i had eaten. Was the first time in a long time that i wished hayden was bottle fed so i could have left him to his dad and slept through!
  • Yes and still eating too much - lol!!!
    I started a diet plan & was doing really well, couldn't go to my last weigh in as was poorly & took that as a green light to eat like a starving pig!! Next weigh in is 5th Jan, so have GOT to get things back on track!
    Luckily my OH's family are all greedy b****rds so ate all the really sweet bad for you things!!!
    2009....I WILL be my pre-pregnancy weight & fit into the dress i want to where to LO's christening!!!!
    Sarah xx
  • your not the only one babe i was the same, starting my diet on the second of jan x
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