Anyone following EASY?? (12 weeks old)

I have a question over bed time routine that I'm hoping someone can help me with. From 6am getting up she is absolutely fine and gets it - we feed, then have a play then she naps. This happens at 6, 12 and 3 and its great cus I can plan my day. Then what I'm trying to do is get her in a bedtime routine where she has a bath first and then her 6pm bottle and goes down after that. But is that in the wrong order? Because when i try and bath her at about 5.45pm she is really hungry. But then if I feed her first she will have a full tummy so i cant bath her? Everything proceeds perfect from thereon once asleep at about 7pm. I wake her up about 9.30pm for a feed then she has another one about 2am and we start over. Thanks for reading - would really appreciate any help you can offer :\?


  • You can split feed hun, thats what we do. We give him a smaller feed before his bath and then the larger part afterwards. if you give your lo just enough to get her through a bath. Our routine is 7, 10, 1, 4 and he then has another feed at 5:30 (smaller one) and larger feed at 7 after his bath.

    I hth
    D xxx
  • as Dxxx says when my DS was that young we were following the EASY routine and we did a split feed at bath time, he would have 3oz before his bath and another 3oz after his bath when he was all dressed for bed and in his nursery. It worked really well,

    x x x
  • Thats a really good idea. I have no idea why I hadnt thought of that before but its why i come on here!! Will try that tomorrow night - thanks xx
  • My easy was;

    7: eat
    7.30: activity
    9: sleep
    10: eat
    10.30 activity
    12.00: sleep
    1: eat
    1.30 activity
    3.00 sleep
    4: eat
    5: activity
    6: bath
    6.30 baby massage

    my ds was sleeping through early so I didn't really have any night feed issues but I read that night feeds with easy should be up and fed and out down so they know it's night time and dim lighting.

    I'll be honest though, I found easy..well..easy mainly because my baby naturally fell into it himself and took 3hrly 7oz from around 8wks. It won't be long before your lo finds their own rythm x
  • Hi - I was going to suggest splitting the feed too but the others have beaten me to it image Sounds like you are doing a great job!!
  • Do you babies always follow this routine or do they ever do their own thing? If they do their own thing what do you do? Just curious
  • bottle bath bottle bed - worked for us - dream feeding didnt

    sorry its abrupt - need sleep! x
  • Dollywotsit - we did this with toby and he thrived on routine - babies and children do - they feel safe and understand very quickly that they arent going to be hungry they are going to get sleep and they will get stimulation.

    In my opinion - getting a baby as early as possible into a routine is the very best thing you could do for them - life is routine - night day awake sleep - its pretty basic stuff really x
  • Dollywotsit - the whole point of EASY is that the baby is doing its own thing! You don't follow a "routine" as such - it's just about doing things in the same order when the baby gives you the signs that it's time to move on. I feed Toby whenever he's hungry, regardless of when I last fed him. After a feed I change him and we play until he gets tired, then I put him down for a nap. When he wakes up we start again. How is what you do different??
  • The problem for me with EASY is that my baby is a snacker during the day. He never takes a whole bottle but takes an oz here and there all day long. Its very frustrating. Any tips for how to get him to take a good 4 0r 5 oz bottle in one go? He's 7 weeks and a whopper. I'm not sure what he weighs at the minute but was 12lbs 4 weeks ago and wearing 3-6 month clothes. I feel like he should be able to take more in one go. He only really has 15 minute cat naps during the day too but is sleeping for 6 or 7 hours during the night.

    We split feed for baths too but in saying that I split feed all day long lol!
  • Dollywotsit - couldn't agree more ,best thing we have done for my 10 week DD by far was put her in a loose routine - feel like she gets her needs met so much more easily now, I always feed her when hungry and usually now anticipate it so she doesn't even have to scream for a bottle, am so much more tuned in to her tired signals now, and she gets more play, she knows what to expect and is so happy all the time image never thought I would be a routine fan, but I am and so is she!
    Faithie - my DD is no whopper compared to your wee boy, (but is on 75th centile for weight all the same!) but due to silent reflux she has days when she 'snacks' too - sometimes you just to have to split feed, ,but what I do in our routine is, if she eats, then has playtime then I'm putting her down for a nap, I offer her a wee top up just before she goes down, read her a wee story (to avoid feeding her to sleep) and that's a bigger feed down her in one 'cycle' if you see what I mean. the other thing I've found is that through working on getting her to take longer naps (usually an hour or so in the am, 2 hours at lunchtime and an hour in the afternoon) not only is she more energetic when she wakes and takes a bigger feed in one go, but she also is less overtired and sleeps from 7-1030 (we wake her for feed) then 11-630. It's ironic that the better she naps during the day, the more she sleeps at night. She's much happier now tho, so obv needs it! xxx
  • i think dollywotsit is just here to start arguments ladies...
  • I would agree now s&a.

    How about this...if I followed what L wanted he would only feed every 8 hours...but only has a teeny tummy so would only take 10oz a day roughly...funnily enough that's not enough! So I put him in a routine for his own good. We aren't torturing them for God's sake, we're doing what we think is best. Your opinion was not asked for here.
  • Thanks everyone - really useful. Hopefully havent started a routine debate!! x
  • G/C but what do you do if you're out and about and LO sleeps in car seat/pram when it's supposed to be A time and then they're awake when they're supposed to be having S time? I'm very confused. I think the EAS routine works well when at home but can't get the hang of going out??
  • My LO natuarlly follows this routine, if DS falls asleep when I'm out I offer him the breat when he wakes up and it's upto him if he wants it x
  • My LO started following this routine by herself too - except is is more like EAESY, and sometimes AESY. I haven't read the book, but the routine seems to make sense.
  • MummaJ - in the early days I generally preferred to feed at home as I was BFing and didn't quite have the hang of it so would go out straight after that - he would normally stay awake in the pram for a while as he had only just woken up, and then would fall asleep when he was ready so it worked out fine.

    Otherwise I just always offer a feed when he wakes up, regardless of when he last fed, so we kind of start again iyswim? So sometimes the A might be really short but if that's what LO wants, that's what LO gets!! You'll get the hang of it after a while, it takes some time to find your feet but then it's easy (excuse the pun!).
  • "Do you babies always follow this routine or do they ever do their own thing? If they do their own thing what do you do? Just curious"

    Not sure how that is read as wanting to start an argument. My LO is also on a routine, led by him mostly with a bit of adapting to suit me too. I'm asking because he's off his routine at the moment. Simple.

  • Like mrs bear's dd, my ds follows easy or aesy, depending, we're completely baby-led but that's just the pattern he's fallen into himself
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