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Sorry to G/C ( I wonder how many posts start with that!)
I'm due in May and have bought an Avent mircrowave steriliser; however I'm now having second thoughts as Ive read that it cant hold other types of bottles other than Avent. Can anyone tell me if thats true, and also whether other makes of steriliser can hold different types of bottles? I guess its fine if baby likes Avent bottles, but what if she doesnt get on with them. I dont want to have to buy a new steriliser over and over.

Thanks to anyone who can help



  • hi honey, i used a tommee tippee microwave steriliser which was not meant to hold other types of bottle, however i used TT AND avent bottle in it no problem. There's usually the base part which has certain shape gaps to stand the bottles on.. but i found i was able to stack bottles in any old way and avent ones fit fine! so long as you can stand them up i don't see why you'd have a problem xx
  • I agree with linziMc, the bottles just stack up in any old way so i wouldn't worry. My LO has Avent bottles and has no issues at all with them, even with mixing boobie and bottle so don;t worry! I;ve heard more people have probs with the Tommee Tippee, so I would recommend Avent all the way
  • i had an avent steriliser with first lo, but had boots wide neck bottles and they fitted fine, theres always a way you can fit them in anyway xxx
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