Baby Sarah scared of water

Can anyone help ... my daughter is now 1 year old & has always loved bath time & swimming. About 2 - 3 weeks ago she just started screaming in the bath & now is so scared of bathing. She screams when we get near the bath & screams all the way through it.

We haven't been swimming fr about 3 months and we are now scared to go.

Can anyone help



  • Hi

    Just to say my ds's have been through this, for no apparent reason they started screaming anywhere near the bath at about 9 months then it happened again at 14 months, i think its a phase that will just wear off. do you know any1 with a lo of similar age, i bathed the boys at a friends house with a lo who was confident and it def helped

    She might not link the fear of the bath with the fear of the swimming pool so might be worth a try, my boys love going to the swimming pool but wont actually get in the water, i figure they will in the end.

  • Thanks

    She has also a fear of balls ... which has come on at the same time ... the kind of balls at the kids play venues. She also screamed when my wife started to eat an apple. ? x

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  • Not really sure what to say daddytime, but I used to nanny for a little boy who went through this phase and we put a washing up bowl in the bath and filled that with water and he played fine with just his hands in it. a couple of nights later he sat on a chair in the bath and washed his feet still had all his clothes on! Then we basically got a bit of clothing off each night and slowloy put a bit more water in the bottom of the bath until after about 3 weeks he was ok in the bath again. Took a lot of time, but eventually we got there! Good luck! xxxx
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