im back & changed my name a little bit

i dont know if anyone has noticed ive not been online for a few months, ive moved house and not had the internet til now and sam now has his own room...its great lol. can watch movies in bed with oh now image

i also changed my username from Emilie to Emilie & Samuel

hope everyone is alright



  • WB!! Samuel is so cute!

    Its great when they go in their own rooms isn't it? We can watch TV to...among other things! LOL

  • Good to hear from you. We're well thanks. How was the move?
    Denise xx
  • aw thanx heather :\) hes nearly 8 months now and hes so hyper all the time now!! also, he has a thing for foxes. if i put basil brush on for him he sits and laughs all the way thru it and those bingo sponsor adverts before jeremy kyle on itv2 make him laugh too, especially when he goes "burlington berty"...hes a crazy baby! image
  • i noticed u werent online for agges! ive just left u a message on bebo. im glad your enjoying your new house. ive changed my name from xxhannahxx to *hannah & tegan*

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