When to give baby rice

Hi all just wondered when is it best to give baby their rice? breakfast time or before bed?


  • I gave Kara baby rice at lunch time when I started weaning her at 5 months.
  • I started at lunchtime once lo had taken half her bottle.

  • ok what age did you start them at?
    sorry for all the questions

  • I started daisy on friday she is 17 weeks i did not want to start her yet as i was told not before 18 weeks but was advised by my peadiatrician as she has reflux. He told me to start at teatime so i give it her with her normal4 or 5 oclock milk then she has another bottle of milk before bed. next week i will introduce one at breakfast
  • I started Lily at 15 weeks but only gave baby rice for first 2 weeks.

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