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Ive just read your post in our last thread but thought it would be easier to start a new one! hehe

Just wanted to say really....Hang in there your doing a great job!

I think all babies go through a little stage of not wanting their food. A couple of weeks ago London was exactly the same in fact one evening she just picked her food up and threw it at me image I was so upset not to mention it was her favourite food so it wasnt as if i was giving her something she didnt like!!

How many bottles is H on now? I remember he was on 4 - have you tried reducing the amount he has in terms of ozs? For instance give him 4 ozs at 11 so his hunger is satisfied but he will have room for solids?

What your giving him sounds greatimage Just from experience though have you tried.....
Brekkie - London always has a yoghurt no matter what other food has been offered as i know she will always eat themimage Her favourite at the mo are Rice Krispies with a little milk. Shes totally gone off porridge although i think thats more to do with the weather! Just a thought she doesnt like the apple rice cakes - have you tried them? theyre gross!! Have you tried another flavour perhaps? The blueberry and raspberry ones are good! Or the plain ones and then you can add a fruit puree to it?

Lunch - Do you think he might like something hot? I remember you saying he liked jacket potatoes? I must admit weve got into a bit of a rut with offering the same food but like you say if your eating the same thing too then it just becomes easy!
Or a bowl of veg with some pasta? Hows his pincer grip? At around 7-8 months London decided she didnt like "big" food and would rather eat things cut up ( like you would your own dinner) and so now shes very good with peas sweetcorn and stuff like that? He might just be getting bored of not being able to stuff it in (iyswim).
We have sandwiches at lunch time but to be honest i dont think she is overly fussed with them now! And if she does eat one it will be coz we are out having a picnic ( she wont eat them at home!)

Tea - London usually has something hot so i know she has a good feed before bed but its usually a mix match of veg with some meat (usually chicken or fish fingers!)

In terms of your freezer full of veggie patties.... do you like them???? I remember when you first started he wouldnt eat anything and then ate pizza!! Have you tried veggie toppings on pizza? Cheese and Broccoli muffins sound yummy but do they really taste nice? im by no means questioning your cooking skills ( i burn toast!) and we all want our little ones to eat healthy but its supposed to be fun and it sounds like your not having too much fun at the moimage
Im by no means suggesting you get out the chips and chicken nuggets but if you know H will def eat something then why not give it to him? What kind of foods do you guys eat? have you tried saving last nights tea for his lunch? What im trying to say and it sounds like im being patronising and i am so not so please dont take this all the wrong way but if H sees you eating these things then he might atleat try them?

But please please please keep going image It will all fall into place when you least expect it. He is still only little and other factors like teething or the weather ( its been so hot London has hardly eaten anything) that you have to consider. With the nice weather perhaps give H his lunch outside? A change of scenery always works!!

As for preloaded spoons... i pop her yoghurt into a bowl and let her do it herself that way she can fit the spoon in ( or most likely her hands)

I hope ive given some light to the end of the tunnel - ive just read through and i do sound a bit patronising - please dont think that was my intention its just the way it comes into my head!!!

Big hugs
Sue and London ( who now likes to stand up on her own!!!!)


  • Thanks hun - I know you're not patronising ! I do appriciate someone elses point of view.

    Will reply later - the little pickle is currently ignoring his brekkie and squirming to get down from his high chair so I'd better rescue him !

    K x
  • Thanks hun. I think its part of my being such a control freak !!! I pulled my finger out yesterday and tried a bit of variety. He had pasta and spaghetti with a sauce for lunch. He didn't eat any of it but he did suck the sauce off the spaghetti. I'm wondering if he doesn't like bowls as he doesn't seem to eat much when I put it in a bowl ... might have to brave putting "runnier" foods straight onto his highchair tray !

    We tried "mini pitta pizza" last night with cheese and tomato sauce on. He sucked it a bit but didn't really eat much.

    This morning we tried mini weetabix, cheerios and shreddies with warm milk and banana. He didn't really eat any - I wonder if it was too mushy ...

    He is still on 4 bottles. I haven't reduced them yet as I'm concerned he won't eat either and then won't be getting enough.

    I always give H a petit filous for his tea ... that's a failsafe - he'll always eat it !!! What yoghurt do you give London for breakfast ? He seems to like the apple rice cakes - and the blueberry ones, I try to save the blueberry for lunch - not sure why ! Ha ha !

    His pincer grip is coming along ... and he's really got the hang of using both hands now so if he misses first time, the second hand is there to catch it ! image

    Do you make your own fish fingers ? I keep thinking I'll try H on them but don't know if I should make my own or which ones are good to buy ...

    I've not tried the veggie patties - I think he quite like them - he seems to like potato - he just doesn't eat much ...

    As for the muffins - I think they are gross - but they seemed to be a massive hit with all the babies on a BLW website which is why I tried them. Think I might bin them !!!

    I keep thinking about saving dinner for him but we tend to have either chilli or curry type foods. This week we have fajitas on Monday (very spicy) chilli yesterday and tonight we've got salmon. I saved salmon for him before but he wouldn't even try it ! We have a lot of rice in the week and I don't think he can manage to pick up the rice yet ...

    He eats the same as us more at the weekends ...

    I did give him chocolate yoghurt in his bowl once but I don't think much went in - just round his face - he had fun tho which I guess is part of the battle ...

    We are away with my mum and dad at their caravan this weekend so that might help. He seems to like to eat with other people (rather than just me) so we'll see how we get on.

    Well done London on standing - such a clever go. I wish H could stand - I get tired holding him up all the time - all he wants to do is stand but can't on his own ! LOL

    Thanks again hun xxx
  • ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!

    Hope youre having a lovely day x
  • hey hun
    Thankyou! i had a lovely dayimage
    just wanted to say ive not forgotten you just mega busy with bday etc! will reply later!
  • Hey hun
    How was today?

    i give L the yeo valley organic yoghurts a) because they are on special offer at Tesco! and b) because they are that little bit bigger and so i pour about half into a bowl and give to London and then i eat the rest making sure she is watching me use the spoon etc and this has seemed to work to an extent as she will now use her spoon for the first 2 or 3 mouthfuls then uses her hands!!! Also im collecting the pots for her birthday so i can give the kiddies jelly at her party!!

    They are natural sugar too which is an added bonus!
    Anyway ive been having a think............ (dont worry i was sitting down!!haha)

    I too was worried about dropping a feed and so when i did ( although in fairness she dropped it herself when the clocks went forward) i make sure she has a good breakfast so i tend to offer loads... At the moment she has on average 1/4 of toast ( not a big fan) a small bowl of Rice Krispies with cold cows milk ( i tried with her formula but she was having none of it) and then her yoghurt ( which she always eats!).

    And so with H... have you tried cows milk? have you tried it cold? are you still preloading the spoon or letting him get on with it? I pour enough milk to make them soft but not mushy if that makes sense?
    Does H cry for his milk at 11 or do you just give it to him? Have you tried perhaps just giving him a biscuit and some water and then perhaps lunch that little bit earlier? Or like i said previously just give him 4 ozs and see what happens at lunch?

    The spagetti and sauce is a great idea and im sure he probably ate a little. what sauce did you use? there is a baby one which has hidden veg in which might be worth a try!! Have you tried a plate?? London has a variety of plates ( i went through a phase of buying loads as i wasnt allowed to buy anymore toys or clothes!!) but she does surprisingly eat the most from her Tweenie plate?? Shes never seen them on tv but does have a book which she loves so it might be an idea to buy him a plate with a favourite character on? I know hes only little but they are clever little wotsits!!
    Do you think the sandwich is filling him up? how much of the bread does he have? London will generally only eat half a slice and when i think this im actually thinking H eats really well and you really shouldnt worry!

    I know what you mean about the other BLW website. they all rave about the muffins but i thought the whole idea is for them to eat what we eat ( to an extent) but i wouldnt even contemplate eating them myself so cant really expect London to!!! haha

    Fish fingers - i made my own ( following your recipe!) and she kinda liked them but i also give her shop ones - weve got "youngs" at the mo they are rich in omega 3 and made with sunflower oil and less saturated fat but to be honest i take the coating off anyway and just give her the fish!

    i really think your perhaps worrying about nothing. As long as he is fit and healthy which he is and gaining weight then i really wouldnt worry. I got L weighed today and shes put on 9ozs in 4 weeks which seems to be her average. The HV isnt worried as of course she is that little bit older and moving around a lot more!

    Stop beating yourself up! If we lived closer i would suggest coming round for lunch so he can watch London in action!!!

    I hope if anything ive put your mind at rest and given you a few ideas to try!

  • Hello there !!! Sorry I've been out of touch - just been on holiday for a week and the week before that was busy busy busy !!!!

    First things first - let me reply to your lovely questions:

    I have tried cows milk - I didn't bother putting formula on cereal/porridge as it was too much of a faff to make up extra! I've tried it cold and warm and he doesn't seem interested. I normally preload the spoon (in fact recently I have been spoon feeding him his yoghurt as it is easier when we've been away/out etc) and I think hes getting lazy ... I've given him porridge in a bowl and on his tray, pre loaded a spoon, let him use his hand, everything. I think he just doesn't like it ! As for his mini weetabix I give it to him slightly soggy with milk and let him use his hands. Today I've given him dry shreddies and cheerios and they have gone down really well. I'm doing a "food diary" from today so I can see what he really eats.

    He doesn't cry for his 11o/c feed but if I don't give it to him and then try and and give him lunch at 12:30 he screams and just wants milk. I might give him his lunch earlier and see how that works. I did it once on holiday just because we were out and I missed his feed as I forgot his bottle - he seemed ok that time ...

    I used a Heinz 5 veggie sauce but I've also done it with laughing cow and pesto which he really liked but again I think he just sucked off the sauce - I don't think he's got the hang of chewing pasta yet ! He's not really using his teeth.

    He doesn't seem to like plates, bowls ... I think he likes being able to move stuff around his tray ...

    I think the sandwich probably does fill him - I give him a whole slice of bread - with the crusts cut off and he eats most of it on occassions ...

    I think you're right - I'm probably worrying about nothing! He's doing really well this morning - so far he's had 6 cheerios, 5 shreddies, 3 raisins, a rice cake and some kiwi. That's quite a lot for him in the morning - but I'm standing with my back to him - I wonder sometimes if I ignore him a bit he concentrates more on what he is eating !!

    Thanks for your help hun - its great to hear someone elses ideas !!!

    K xxxx
  • Ooh - I meant to say - I got some of that yoghurt today so am going to try him on that tomorrow ... we shall see ... ! x
  • Hey you hows it going!
    Ive just read through your reply and H is doing FAB! I really would stop worrying!!!!

    I do exactly the same as you- potter about while London is eating and she definately eats more that way!
    How did the yoghurts go? I sometimes feed L hers as too i think shes getting a bit lazy although if im not quick enough she takes it all from me!
    Hows the food diary going? i done that for about 2 weeks at the begining and its surprising at the end of the week when you notice how much they have actually eaten! ( i think it will put your mind at rest when looked over the whole week instead of individual days)
    Have you tried giving lunch earlier? How did it go? London has her lunch anytime from 11.30 onwards pending on her napimage

    perhaps try giving him what he really likes and you know he will eat and then give him his milk after if your worried hes not eaten enough?
    Sounds like hes doing just fine though hun

    Sorry its short and sweet.... got to do Tesco before little legs wakes up!!
    Take care
  • Hey! Yoghurt went okay - although I had to spoonfeed it ... he's getting lazy - although that is the only thing he'll take off the spoon. On the first day I put it in a bowl and gave him a spoon etc while he watched me eat mine - but it wasn't sweet enough for me !! Ha ha !!!

    Food diary is good - its been a good week to do it as he's been eating well this week which is good.

    Timings are all over the place at the mo as naps have been up in the air. Am going for an early lunch followed by only 4oz of milk today ... he's going to Nanny's and she is going to my neice's sports day and he needs to be there by 12:30 so I thought it was a good excuse to reduce and move his bottle ... we'll see ! I did it on Monday and it worked well !

  • Hey hun

    Hows it going? Did you drop the morning feed? How did the food diary go?

    us x
  • Hey! No, I've not dropped the bottle yet ... he's starting eating better so I thought I'd leave it for a little while ... I might drop it down to 4oz first ... not sure when tho ... !!!

    Food diary was good ta - he's had a really good week for eating - until today - but he got tooth no 4 thru this morning so maybe that put him off a little ...

    How's you guys ???

    K x
  • Wowimage Well done H on the 4th tooth! Theyve really started to come through havent they!!! I remember just before your hols he didnt have any!!! London is on her 8th tooth at the moimage Seems to be taking forever to come through though bless herimage
    We are all good thanksimage
    I gave L steak the other day! She loved it! but then turned her nose up at my home made Lasagne ( I obviously cant compete with Hipp organic on that one!!)
    Have you tried H with Marmite yet? I gave it to L ages ago and thought she was definatley on the "Hate" side but this weekend she has gobbled toast in the morning with Marmite on but quite a bit thicker that what i would usually give it!!! ( Daddy made it this time!) Obviously wasnt thick enough to begin with!!!

    Going to buy her her first pair of "Proper" Shoes tomorrowimage Im sooo excited!!! Shes standing so well now i dont think it will be long before she moves her feet!!!

    Im glad H is eating better. He was doing so well anyway but hopefully now its all written down it has put your mind at restimage Have you introduced any more foods? Im even getting bored of what im offering L bless her although shes into the yoghurt covered raisins at the moimage Have you tried them? They are lush!!!!

    us x
  • Hmm - where did my reply go ???

    H's teeth all came thru in a bit of a flurry - he got 2 in 3 days !!!

    He LOVES marmite although after I realised yesterday how much salt is in it I'm thinking I won't be giving it to him as often ...

    Did you get L's shoes ? It's so exciting isn't it. H is so close to crawling no - I don't know who is more frustrated - him or me !!! He's getting some real speed up now too on his "assisted walking". If it weren't for the fact he has no balance I'm sure he'd be flying around all over the place.

    We got into a bit of a rut on holiday of just giving H rice cakes crisps and cheese - so I'm making a big effort to give him more "meals" tonight. I've made a "risotto" for tea - although its really just rice with peas and ham - not sure how they can call it risotto - so we'll see how that goes down ...

    I was looking at an Annabel Karmel book that a friend leant me today and that has some good recipies so am going to try some of them out next week.

    He's added puffed wheat to his breakfast menu - ha ha - crazy kid - can't see they have any taste but he seems to like them !

    Am going to have to dash - I put H down for a nap over half an hour ago and he's still kicking his cot - I'm guessing its about time to drop the afternoon nap !!! Ha ha !!!

    We've had the yoghurt covered raisins - YUM !!! I got a packet the other day for H to snack on whilst we were in Sainsburys and I polished them off - SO GOOD !!!

    Will let you know how the fake risotto goes !!!


  • Hey youimage
    How did the Risotto go? London is poorly at the moimage So all foods are a complete nono unless its ice cream as i discovered earlier when she ate a whole strawberry cornetto!!! ( Naughty i know but atleast she ate something!!)
    I didnt get her shoes on that Saturday as ended up having a row in Clarks when the stupid shop assistant told me she was a 3G and then promptly tried to sell me 4F shoes saying she would grow into them!!!! Anyway went back to Bluewater on the Monday and got her some really funky pink Converse boots!!!!

    What other meals have you tried... when L is at her best she is loving jacket potato fish fingers and veg! Shes completely gone off spag bolimage but i think that was my fault as i kept giving it to her coz i knew she would eat it!

    Is H crawling yet? Its so frustrating isnt it! L was crawling backwards for about 6 weeks and it was honestly the longest 6 weeks of my life! Bless her... she just kept crawling away from her toys!! Her new trick at the mo is standing up and then putting her hands above her head and then dance! I just wish she would move those little feet and walk! She can walk holding one hand really confidently so dont think it will be long!

    Have you dropped his bottle yet? atleast L is still drinking thoseimage


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