SInce i have weaned my DS who is now 9months, i have always cooked with and given him the cheese we eat which is mature cheddar or farmhouse etc. To be honest i didnt even think about it until my friend came for lunch with her DD and thought it was odd that Rafferty ate strong cheese!
SHould i be giving him the mildest cheddar? or is there no reason why i cant give him our normal stuff? Is the salt content the same even though it tastes so much stronger?


  • Flynn has had cheese a couple of times, but I gave him quite strong cheese with his dinner last night and he was fine with it, I don't see why they can't have it
  • I use strong cheese too. I think it's a good idea to get your lo used to the same tastes as you, means they will be less fussy when they eat the same meals as you! Mild cheese has no taste either! lol x
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