Snoring OH!!

Who's OH snores likes a crazy person it does my head. With the sleeples nights from Caleb and then with OH snoring i get like...0 hours sleep what do u suggest??


  • My OH snores like mad too! I got him some of the nasal strips to try and they definitely help. It hasn't got rid of the snoring altogether but it does help. Also make sure he doesn't sleep on his back. That makes it worse too.
  • Sometimes i jus wanna smother my OH with a pillow. I've never in my life heard snoring so bad! I wear earplugs and it still keeps me awake. He also grinds his teeth. I love him to bits but sometimes i wish we had two seperate bedrooms!
  • martin only snores when drunk normaly just kicking him and telling him to roll over dose the job and sorts it out x
  • Those nasal strips are really good...worth a try. Or if they don't work a trip to the GP - they can do a procedure to get rid of the excess skin at the back of the throat to stop the snoring! xx
  • I agree with the good kicking. Aaron snores like a steam train and Harry started before we moved him into his own room. And they'd snore alternately! But a kick is good. And theraputic! xx
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