Feeling sad :( (bit of a pointless post)

It's 12 months ago tomorrow since I had the blood test to diagnose pregnancy and I'm just feeling abit sentimental and blue :\(

I came off the pill xmas 2007 and by March I'd had no periods, POAS and it was negative so went to my GP.... Had all the usual symptoms, he told me he thought I was pregnant and I was like 'naaa can't be!', went and had blood taken (didn't tell anyone apart from hubby), fainted getting out the chair at blood clinic!!! Spent the weekend in bed feeling really rotten and horrible, on the Monday afternoon rang for the results and the receptionist said 'positive pregnancy test!' image I rang her back twice just to confirm :lol:

And indeed I was!!! Two days after getting the results I vomited nearly every day till 14 wks and I was 6 wks when pregnancy was confirmed

I know I have a gorgeous little girl in place of a bump but I really really REALLY enjoyed being pregnant!!


  • awh hon....it's strange because we carry them & they are a part of us but when they are born it's as though they aren't any more.
    I'm feeling all sad because Ellie turns 1 at the end of the month & she is so not a baby any more.
    Bar of king size chocolate & a good cry you'll feel right as rain image xo
  • Sounds like we might be seeing you in large family forum if you enjoyed being pg so much. lol

    I know what you mean i guess thats part of why im ttc no4!

    Wld you mind if i copied your story onto ttc its just often girls ask about BFN but actually pg as no af.


  • both my pregnancies didnt suit me and i couldnt wait to give birth to my twins as i was sooooooo big and suffered so much with the pregnancy and i swore blind i wouldnt miss my bump but i do,i miss it so much and i was cheated out of 9wks as they were that early


  • Wld you mind if i copied your story onto ttc its just often girls ask about BFN but actually pg as no af.



    Yeah sure!!

    Definitely going for number 2, think we may try for a 3rd but that will be it then
  • I know it's like an end of an era sort of thing. The build-up, excitment and anticipation can get SO overwhelming, but it's just great! And when it's all over and you have your bundle, it's like 'aww it's all over now!.' lol xox
  • Awwwwwwww i know what you mean hun, I actually cried really tears when be deleted our "due in september 08" forum and then i cried again when they made "due i s september 09" i desperatly wanted to join them, what am i like :lol: xx

    Your not alone, I felt like this as well.... were mad Katie image
  • Same here! Went out with SIL and her lovely bump today and felt really nostalgic. I felt so happy and content when I was pregnant and I loved my body and feeling the movements. I don't think pregnancy will ever lose its magic for me.

    I want to start ttc again now to be honest, but am going to wait until the end of this year so that I can do a full school year back at work before going off on mat leave again.
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