Is anyone watching

ITV This morning??

I feel sick, its awful. That poor baby.


  • I know, I had to turn my lo away from the screen too, because I couldn't bear for him to see it.

    That poor, poor baby.

    And now they are straight on to I'm a celebrity - what a trivial world we live in sometimes
  • Yeah the thread above is about this too, words can't describe how bloody awful it is.
  • I've just googled Baby P and the articles are awful. I don't get to watch much news - now I'm glad I don't. there is something so incredibly wrong with the world and how the system works/doesn't work. Tyger your so right, how the hell can they move on so quickly. Truely amazing!!
  • I didn't see that one, but then my comp hasn't shown any new posts for most of the morning, not sure if its my comp or the website.
    I just can't stand social services etc. My families experience of them is rubbish. My step sisters children were abused and social services and police have done nothing, despite our protests. The only reason the girls are safe now are because they live with my dad and his wife. Thats also the reason they have clean clothes and food to eat. But then that never bothered social services either.
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