How have you baby proofed your tv?

Any advice/pictures appreciated - it is def our problem area!


  • we havent needed to do this because of where our TV is situated, but I saw this in the JojoMamanbebe catalogue:
  • thanks for that - it is an older style tv (huge) so its more the tv stand dvd./stereo etc that needs proofing x
  • I've been wondering the same summer76, our huge TV sits on a glass stand with the dvd/sky bits underneath and I just don't know how to make it safe, other than putting a safety gate around it.

    I do hope someone who is a bit further on can share their experiences and offer advice xx
  • Lindam does a play pen that doubles as a room divider that we have opened out and stretched across the room in front of the television and fireplace. It isn't perfect as he can still reach through the bars and we have to fold it back to watch TV in the evenings, which is a pain, but it does a reasonably good job of deterring him from playing about with the TV too much. A friend of ours has stuck a huge leather pouffe in front of theirs so her son can actually get anywhere near it (and they get some extra seating for guests). Again, they have to move it whenever they want to watch a DVD.

  • I borrows a pouffe from my mum it does help occasionaly he has been known to move it, its works fairly well.
  • oh i have an idea - will let you know tomorrrow whether it works !
  • Yep i stuck it on the wall :lol: No finger prints YAY x
  • Ours is on the wall too, an absolute godsend as little fingers had just started to get all over it! When we visit my parents though, it's a matter of getting creative with the amount of obstacles we can put in the way!
  • We never have done...why does TV have to be babyproofed? Eek I feel bad now! Ours is a 32in flatscreen, it's just on a normal tv stand etc x
  • Yeh ours will be going on the wall ASAP. She has learned how to turn it off and on again which is nightmare when you are trying to watch something!
  • gsmummy55 - I'm not so much worried about the TV, it's more the glass stand it's on (he's already bumped his head on it and he's not even crawling yet) and the DVD/Sky boxes that are underneath. All those wires must be a hazard and a great playground for exploring hands.

    Summer76 - How did your idea go? Looking forward to hearing all about it xx
  • bloody fantastic - will take a picture and post later - if i get a chance./ I bought a lindem bed guard - ??24.99 from argos and placed it under hifi so the guard covers all the bits and bobs under the tv. Its brilliant!!!!!
  • we have a fatboy (a huge beanbag) that we dragged in front of ours, when Abby was going through her wire obsession phase, it did the trick (more or less) now she's just about learnt not to touch the TV, so the fat boy is being used as a fire guard (we never have the fire on - but the hearth is a marble slab thingy - and I don't want her to crack her head on it!) xxx
  • Great idea, how did you fasten it to make it secure though?
  • the bit that is supposed to go under the mattress is under the bottom of the unit under the hifi. I will try and post a piccy later. but i am really pleased with it.
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