My son is mad, anyone else?

Noticed in the last few days that Barney has developed a really funny and very cute habit. He has a cuski comforter that he has in his cot both at night and for his naps, he's had it from birth and for a long time he has quite liked to suck it a bit while he's falling asleep but now he has started putting it over his head before he goes to sleep. I put him in his cot with it on his chest so he can find it and he picks it straight up and puts it over his face :lol: :lol: :lol: He looks so funny lying there with a blanket on his head but if you move it he just puts it back. Does anyone else have a lo with strange sleeping habits?

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  • That's so cute! Is a Cuski comforter the one you put a dummy in? Need to get our lo one of those. Alfie just spins around during the night-no wonder he has huge bald patches on the back of his head!
  • No, it's just like a piece of terry towelling with a head! They're supposed to be good for newborns cos they absorb smells so if you sleep with it for a couple of nights it smells like you. I think the one with the dummy is called a Sleepytot but I'm not sure.
  • Thank you! x
  • My eldest used to sleep with 3 dummies- 1 in his mouth and 1 in each hand so he could rub them under his nose. Tom has a thing about labels and turns his teddies upside down so he can stroke the label against his face! Strange creatures ...
  • Isaac has a taffies blanket, he calls it his gaggit (cant quite say blanket yet), he snuggles it over his face and sucks his thumb and makes little humming sounds when he is going to sleep. sooooooo cute.
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