Does anyone know where I can get car seat checked?

I bought a new car seat from Argos and have fitted it this evening. To me it seems a bit to flexible, but I have fitted it following all the fitting instructions.
Does any of you ladies know where I can take it to make sure that it is fitted correctly? I know Halfords do it but I presume you need to buy the actual seat you want checking from them? xx


  • halfords fitted mine even though i bought it elsewhere x
  • oh and it was free! image
  • Mothercare also do it not sure if you have to have bought it from them but you could always say you did and didnt have time to get them to fit it when you bought it or that you have forgotten how they showed you X
  • Thanks ever so much for that piggypops will go along to them tomorrow x
  • i saw mothecare checking someones over today, but the carseat was fairly used so quite possibly not from mothecare, also heard halfords do it regardless of where u bought it...wondering whether garages (mechanics etc) would be able to check for u? x
  • Your local council should also do checks for free!!
  • We found Halfords and Toys r us wouldnt help us check ours, but mothercare were brilliant, didnt even ask if we bought it from them
  • there should be a link on the council wexbite who does it, thats where we found halfords do it x
  • not wanting to worry anyone, and please don't think i am trying to say anything bad by this....but i used to work for toys r us and i was 'taught' to fit and check carseats.
    The so called training course was our manager showing us twice on two car seats. It was not adequate enough to make sure i knew every car or seat on sale and by no means made me an expert. I consequently refused to do them as i could of been doing something wrong. If you can't find someone you feel very confident demonstrating fitting the carseat you can go to your local fire station, they do car safety and this includes carseats, that way you know they are def experts, as safety is their job.
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