Frankie is 21 weeks and now on 3 meals a day but i have only given her vegetables, yogurt and baby cereals so far as i was led to believe that before 6 months they couldnt have meat. However i noticed in tesco that cow & gate do jars of cottage pie, sunday lunch and chicken casserole which say 4 months plus. So can i give her meat??? Im making her food myself.


  • No i didnt look at the jars, i just saw them as i walked past. I dont like the idea of her having something that is just meat flavoured!!! Think i will just wait a few more weeks. She has only been on 3 meals since Monday.
  • According to this I would say its ok from about 4 months You can always check with your health visitor/GP though to be sure! xxxx
  • Archie has been on 2 meals a day for about 4wks, he's 23wks. Was going to wait till he's 6 months before introducing the 3rd meal. But I gave him some meat this week, some pureed roast beef with parsnips and he loved it. Was gonna try a tuna recipe tonight and see how he gets on with that.
    Hasn't done him or his tummy any harm and so far poo'ing as normal. S x
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