Changing to buggy mode

I've already posted about this in bimay a little while back and decided to go for the switch today and move over to buggy mode on our bugaboo chameleon. Ds is 15weeks on Thursday and starting to get frustrated in his pram, not sure if he feels squished or just doesn't Like not being able to see out. He's happy when we pop somewhere and just put his car seat on the chassis, and he loves going on the trolley in sainsburys. Have just set it all up ad there's a reminder on the seat that it's not recommended until 6 months so has worried me a bit that in going to be doing him damage. Obviously I'll only be using it reclined anyway.

What did you all do?


  • we have the icandy cherry and baby has outgrown the carrycot. i tried her in the stroller part flat, but the seat isnt actually falt and is shaped like a seat iykwim, so her back would still be like she was sat, so we have bought a silvercross pop, which is from birth, for the interim. i guess i am a typical first time mum in that i listen to the advice and follow it :lol: and back development, when my hubby issues with his, is something i dont want to risk. we also have never used a car seat on the pram. she is 4.5 months now.
  • We don't have a bugaboo, but we have used buggy mode and buggy since lo could hold his head up properly. So I think it was just shy of 3 months. HTH. xx
  • We switched when LO was 13 or 14 weeks. He grew far to big for the carry cot (iCandy Cherry) x
  • Thanks ladies, it's the same as the iCandy, where the seat tilts rather than reclining flat, but we went out today and he seemed to really enjoy it! So think we'll stick with it for a while x
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