4 month old babies

hi millie is 10 weeks on wednesday ( time has gone sooo quick) anyway she will be 4 months at xmas we r going down to my mums for over xmas and i was just wondering how much awake r 4 month olds normally in the day?? millie sleeps most the night now 12 hours waking just once but she still has quite a few naps in the day sometimes as long as 4 hours. we she be more awake at 4 months??


  • hey zoe has ruby always been awake alot in day?? or did she nap alot too around 10 weeks?
  • Gabe is 6 months and today he had 2 hours in the morning, 30 mins at dinner, & 45mins before tea. He doesnt usually have that long in the morning though but I think it's cos he hasnt been sleeping well at night lately. When he sleeps through the night he has 3 30-45min naps. But he's done that since a very early age, he never seemed to need much day sleep. All babies are different...
  • Louise is 4 months old, she usually can only stay awake for about 2 hours. But, if we're out and about it can be less or more as she's either tired from being stimulated or stays awake because she's getting so much attention! Sorry, thats not much help! Just go with the flow I say!
  • George is just coming up for 4 months and has just started sleep through the night, and last night actually went from 8pm-7.15am. He is now a sleep again. He seems to only stay awake for about one and half hours before having to go back to sleep. He likes his sleep :lol:

    It really depends if we're out and about too and how much attention he gets, but then he gets over tierd.

    Some babies need a lot of sleep and others don't.
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