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Hi Ladies

Tyler is 13 weeks and has two feeds during the night, was just wondering is this normal ? I know that some babies can sleep through without night feeds so was just wondering if its because he's not getting enough during the day, or maybe need to up the amount.




  • Jen is 17 wks today, she has 2 feeds a night about 40% of the time. She tends to do this if she goes to bed earlier. Its becoming more frequent that she'll just wake for one feed. Hold on in, its only recently that this has happened! She is ex BF.

    Em x
  • That sounds amazing to me-every baby's different xx
  • Yeah, sounds fine. My boys go to bed at 6.30pm/7pm, feed at 11pm and 3am before waking at 6 (although I dont go to them unless theyre crying, till 7am if I can help it! lol)

    Ryan did drop the 11pm feed but weve just been on holiday, and started weaning so I thinking he is maybe a little out of routine. Im thinking they may drop these bottles soon (or at least one of them) as we are now weaning and they have stopped taking the full bottle (only 5oz bottles) at both feeds.

    They are 21 weeks! I think all babies are different and Tyler is probably now starting to get himself into a comfortable routine after a shaky start.

    Youre doing a fab job hun xxx
  • We are exclusive BF, Darcey is 8 weeks and will go down at about 8pm, i'll top her up with a dreamfeed at about 11pm and she will go through until 5ish and then wake at 7am. A dreamfeed might be worth trying to cut it to one feed in the night?
  • 2 night feeds at 13 week is definitely normal. We had at least 2 at that point!
  • all baby's are different hun, it depends what you class as a night time feed. i classed my second lo as sleeping through from the day he was born, and he had his last bottle at 11pm and then slept until 7am, since i stayed awake until he had his 11pm bottle i never classed that as a night feed.

    i think my 2 year old would still have a bottle at 3am if i let him lol xxx
  • Rafferty is 13 weeks and until 9 weeks old he was waking twice in the night. He has last feed at 6.30pm and was initially waking for a feed at 10.30-11pm and then again at 3am, but one day i woke up in a blind panic as it was 3am and i knew i hadn't fed him and my fiance was away on business , i rushed into his room to check on him and he was fast asleep! he then woke a few minutes later and downed a 6oz bottle in 5minutes flat (poor starving child!) he then went back down until 7am, he has been doing this ever since, sometimes he wakes as early as 11 or 12 but he will still go through until morning or moan for his dummy at 6ish. I did try waking him for a dreamfeed but he ended up still waking twice in the night so we knocked that one on the head pretty quick!! My friends baby of same age still wakes for 3 feeds through the i'm counting my lucky stars. How much is your LO taking at each feed during the day? Raffy is taking 5/6oz through the day but last 2 nights has had 7oz before bed...takes a while (maybe an hour!!) . Including his night bottle he has 5 feeds in one point he was tanking through 7 feeds of 5oz..he was also putting on weight a little on the quick side! .....

    Keeley and Rafferty 13 weeks!
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