Not taking bedtime milk (7 months)

my DD is 7 months old and the last 2 nights she's refused her bedtime milk. Last night she didn't have a drop, just didn't want it. Yet slept through an extra 1/2 hour than normal??
Tonight she took 2 oz's then didn't want anymore of that.

She takes, before bedtime bottle, usually 15ozs of formula per day plus yoghurt and whole milk in porridge every day. She also has cheese but this isn't every day.

I *think* it may be teething but heck I've been blaming that for aaaaaaages now and still no tooth through :lol:

Should I be worried? Is it a major problem?
Oh and I even tried it in a cup/beaker to see if she'd take it that way but nope! Stubborn little madam!!!

Thanks for any advice :\) xx


  • I wouldn't worry hun. She obv got what she needed that day as she still slept through.

    It probably is teeth (altho I know what you mean, I feel like I blame everything on teething!) Or maybe she is just feeling a bit under the weather. Could she have been really tired? Sometimes on the nights Beth won't take much bedtime milk she literally passes out as soon as I put her in cot so I think she doesn't feel like drinking if she's super tired out. Or maybe the hotter weather is putting her off.

  • Hi, My LO started doing the exact same thing. Im not sure if you are, but if you do, what time do you give her her dinner?

    I try and get JJ down by 7 and was giving him his dinner between 5 - 5.30 and then he started refusing bedtime bottle so i brought his dinenr forward to 4.30 and this seems to have helped?

    Just an idea?

  • Thanks ladies.
    I have no idea anymore, just when you think you know what they're doing they do something else and it throws you ha ha!!

    She has dinner at 4.30 Steph, in bed by 7 so don't think she's full up from that??
    I think the weather's not helped but yeah tbh she is shattered when I put her to bed, asleep within a few minutes. She's also had a development splurge on this last week, so think she'd rather get into her cot to continue practising the new things :lol: xx
  • my son turned 7 months at the weekend and he is hardly taking any milk at bed time. I spoke to health visitor and she sid as long as he has 2 milk feeds a day and 3 decent meals of solids and is gaining weigh not to worry. like your daughter he is also sleeping fairly well at night so i assume one way or another he is getting enough and his height and weight are both on the 91st line so he is growing well.
  • My 6mo has started doing this in the past week, as well as taking less milk in the day - a few November babies are doing it now! Like Steph suggested, Im going to bring his dinner forward from tomorrow to see if that helps.
    I didnt think they weaned themselves off their milk until much later but there are a few babies out there doing this!
  • My HV said aim for about 16 ozs a day if on 3 meals so sounds about right to me hun x
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