Anti bac wipes?

Hi girls,
my little girl has just found her hands and now
they are always in and out of her mouth.

I have baby wipes for nappy changes and
Milton wipes to wipe over her toys...but I would
like to use an anti bac wipe on her hands..
Can anyone suggest one?

She's only just 3mths.

Thanks in advance x


  • i would think that an anti bac wipe would be too sore on babys skin.... i just use a flannel and warm water to wash baby's face and hands. Its enough to clean them but not harsh enough to cause rashs or thin their skin...
  • I would just use a baby wipe hon...anti bac will be too harsh on her skin. I know it's difficult not to worry but putting things in their mouth fingers, toes etc.. is just a natural part of them exploring their environment....
  • Yeah I did think that! just wondered if there was
    something different that everyone was using....
    due Oct do you just do this in the mornings I.e
    top and tail? Or during the day as well?
    She seems to screw her face up after I've
    done it with baby wipes... She obviously doesn't
    like the taste! X thanks girls x
  • i wipe his face and hands morning and night and after meal times as he tends to put his hands in his mouth when eating and then rub it around his hair/ears/eyes etc. LOL - our HV told us not to use wipes on babys face as it can cause execma + other rashes. Plus flannel and warm water doesnt cost anything image
    hope that helps xx
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