Girls, thankyou for ur replys!!
I've had a thought today...and I just think I'm
being OVER worried... And paranoid!
I've been really struggling with "worrying" since
giving birth... Was told I had PND but stopped
taking my anti-depressives..after 4days coz I know
i'm okay...just being sooo worried it's making me go

I feel really bad for what I wrote this morning..
I really should give Poppy a bit of a break!
She's still only tiny and it was wrong of me to
say what I said! Not that it makes any difference
if she's got any problems... I love her regardless
she is such a blessing to me!

I've decided to not post anything for a while
although all you girls are sooo helpful.. I think
it is feeding my paranoia..with me posting constant
worrys..which seem to change from day to day..with
my moods.

I just need sometime to think and straighten myself
out and enjoy being with my beautiful daughter!

Thanks everyone for helping me over the last
7weeks. Xx hopefully be back someday to help
other mums who are struggling with worrying

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  • I dont hon but I do believe that a mother just knows when something might be up. You could try posting this in the "Children with special needs " section as well as you may get some more help there.
    I hope everything is ok x
  • i dont either hun but i agree with mothers instinct too we all KNOW when there is something not right ....i hope you dd is ok and maybe her eye muscles just need strengthening big hugs xxxx
  • sillysausage101, have you had your 8week check with your GP yet?

    I really think you should take your baby to your GP if you have these concerns. 8 week babies are so small and really don't do an awful lot so its quite possible that a doctor or midwife wouldn't find anything wrong immediately but if you told them of your concerns i am sure you could be referred to the paediatricians. If your baby was too young to assess properly they would be able to give you a follow up appt for a month or 2s time.

    Please go and ask to be referred, no one will think badly of you if you have genuine concerns. x

  • I replied to some of your earlier posts and everything you say about LO always sounds normal to me, including the tongue. Like others say, demand she has a developmental check and don't take no for an answer, this will put your mind at rest. It's great she feeds non-stop, that's normal, it's great she sticks her tongue out at this age, it's normal as she's exploring her mouth.
  • I agree with dollywotsit, some babies take a while to focus. My son didn't really start "connecting" until he hit 9 weeks. A year on and he is the greatest problem solver. Get the checks done but don't panic!

    Good luck with you little lady x
  • I agree, my dd didnt start focusing her eyes until she was about 7 weeks even after this her eyes still used to turn inwards and I was convinced there was something wrong with her eyes and now she is a very healthy 8.5 month old and I believe your little one is premature so it will take a little longer for her to focus than babies born full term
  • I agree with the advice of the others, I just wanted to add that when my DD was a baby she stuck her tongue out a lot, and I thought it was very strange, but she did grow out of it.

  • I agree with what the other girls have said - demand a check from your GP. Having said that, I was convinced that my ds2 had hearing problems because he didn't appear responsive to me or other sounds. He was just being an ignorant little git at the time - he's 13 months now and there's no signs of hearing loss, he was just very young.

    I hope everything goes okay for you hun xxx
  • Firstly I'd just like to say that your daughter does sound completely within the ranges of 'normal' but if you truely think that something is wrong then make sure that you really push to get it diagnosed.

    My niece has Turners syndrome and it took my sister ages to get her diagnosed, she just kept getting fobbed off first by hv's and also by dr's. One of the physical symptoms of TS is that they are very small but my sister was just always told oh she's just small she'll get bigger! Due to my sister pushing so hard to get her diagnosed meant that treatment could start a lot sooner than it would have done otherwise.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling a bit there but basically just wanted to say don't let them fob you off.
  • Adam went through a real sticking-out-his tongue stage between 8-10 weeks. The just as suddenly as it started, it stopped!

    Do you trust yor GP? If so, make an appointment for the 8 week check. If not, ask to be referred to one of the paediatricians at the hospital where you gave birth xx
  • oh bless you hunny- i think most mums have similar thoguths/worries. Toby is now 8 months old and i used to think very similar things but i think it was more that i was worried he might have some issues. He is happy and healthy but i still have the most aweful dreams about stuff. Has your gp offered councilling - whilst i understand why you wouldnt want to take ad - maybe talking to someone would help.

    If you need a break then take one but just remember that even if you think it is the silliest thing 0- the ladies on here will always help you. - i dont know what i would have done without the site so remember the support network here if you need it x x
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