Frustrated lo?

Charlotte (14 months on Friday) has started to get angry & frustrated quite a lot recently. Her molars are coming thru so I know she's uncomfortable with them. She will play with her toys for a while but sometimes she'll have a strop and throw them away from her. she'll also come up to me and slap my arms. I can't tell if she wants attention from me or is angry with me for some reason?!

If I try and encourage her to walk as well she'll get angry with that.

Do you think she's bored or is it a deveopmental phase. Oh thinks she's having a growth spurt and it's all normal but I don't want an unhappy lo.



  • Sorry - I hope I don't look like a stalker replying to you all the time,but because out lo's are the same age I usually see Neve doing a similar thing to yours in your posts!

    Neve is doing the same as Charlotte with the addition of following me around whining for ages in the morning as well. Last week we had a three day teething session (I think her molars are preparing to come through) and she is much more active lately than the has been, her trousers are suddenly looking shorter too. I think the combination of all this plus being a toddler is quite frustrating - she can't articulate what she wants verbally yet but her temper is coming through so she tantrums.

    I ignore the whining and tantrums, try to keep her occupied and offer lots of cuddles. I know she will grow out of it (and find another annoying habit lol!) but personally I think its just her age and developmental stage although I do tell her no when she hits.

    Its hard work being a toddler!
  • Thanks - I'm glad you replied! it's good to know someone with a lo at the same age having the same problems (sorry)!
    I agree about the not being able to communicate verbally - it must be so frustrating not being able to make people understand what you want.
    She's also got snotty nose and horrible nappies with her teething too!
  • I don't know whats worse - horrid nappies or snot all over the sofa!
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