hi ladies really hoping someone can help me!

the problem is my little boy cannot/wont entertain himself at all! he is 19weeks today. if i put him on his play gym, on the floor in his bouncer or anything he just cries unless someone is looking at him and chatting to him. its so difficult as i cant get 5 mins to myself or even do the chores around the house! i do leave him if i have to do the washing or something but straight away he cries, so i have to leave him until iv finished, so about 10-15mins and by the time i get back to him he is absolutly screaming!!!but as soon as i pick him up he stops! so its obviously for attention. also in the mornings as soon as he wakes up he cries, he wont play in the cot at all. some of my friends say they leave their lo (same age as mine) for an hour or 2 in the cot and they just play alone! my lo would NEVER do this! iv tried leaving him to cry and he just gets louder and louder. please help im getting to the end of my tether!



  • Do you take him with you or leave him in one room while you do things? I'd take Oscar everywhere and talk to him while I was doing things whilst he played on or in whatever I'd brought into the room. Talking to him constantly will help not only reassure him that you're there but will also help his own speech and development.

    Also, please don't compare him to other babies. My boy is very happy to entertain himself but has always cried on waking and won't stay him his cot. To be honest, even if he did I'd never leave him to play in his cot by himself for more than half an hour never mind 2 hours. I find that a little shocking!
  • My lo was like that when he was that age. I could leave him on his playmat for 5mins sometimes but it wasn't long till he'd be crying to be picked up. I used to take him into the kitchen in his bouncer whilst I washed up and sing/talk to him as that would keep him entertained for a bit.
    I think he just used to get frustrated because he couldn't do anything apart from lay there! He's been so much better since he's been sitting, he'll sit there and play with his toys for quite a while.

    Occasionally he will wake up crying but not normally in the mornings. Does he have a mobile on his cot and/or some toys? Riley has a mobile and quite a few little stuffed toys to keep him entertained for a bit in the mornings whilst he's waking up.

    Riley started using a jumperoo at around 6 months and that would keep him entertained for quite a while sometimes. He's nearly 11 months now and has a sit in walker which he absolutely loves because he can get around himself. We have an open plan kitchen/diner so I can be washing up and doing general cleaning stuff and he's just scooting around after me or the dog or other anything else that takes his fancy!

    He will get better as he is able to do more, and in the meantime maybe just try and include him in what you're doing. Taking him into different rooms in the house whilst your in there may keep him amused for a little as it will give him something different to look at too. x
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